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Using a One-Hitter: Things to Keep in Mind and How to Choose One


Ensuring that you have the best time for smoking is crucial, whether alone or with friends. Everything from your smoking implement to your smoking substance needs to be high-quality to make it worthwhile for you.

When you want to expand your collection, consider opting for a one-hitter. It is ideal for all and can be used in various ways when you’re inclined to think out of the box. If you don’t know what a one-hitter is or how to use a one hitter, keep on reading.

How to Use a One Hitter

There are various types of one-hitters available on the market today, from the traditional chillum to a small pipe. The conventional one-hitter is a pipe more petite than your regular one and is a straight tube. A regular pipe has a bowl that curves downwards, but that is not the case in a one-hitter.

When you’re looking to use your one-hitter, ensure that you are not tilting it downwards. Fill the bowl chamber with your smoking substance, and have the other end of the pipe in your mouth. Once you have filled it, simply light it up and inhale.

What You Should Know

While a one-hitter is similar to a regular pipe in many ways, you should still know that it needs to be handled delicately. Since it is a small object, it can break quite quickly when you’re not careful.

When cleaning out your one-hitter, ensure that you’re using the same technique on a standard pipe. Try cleaning with alcohol and Q-tips to get into the crevices for deeper cleaning. Ideally, you should be deep cleaning every few weeks to ensure no discoloration occurs.

The Quality and Price Matters

Whether you like it or not, buying a good-quality one-hitter is essential when you want to minimize wastage and hassle for you. Cheap one-hitters tend to break easily, and you don’t want to be wasting time buying new ones. Consider getting blown glass one-hitters that tend to last and a protective pouch for the best quality.

To get a good idea of the market prices, you should browse various one-hitters. You don’t want to be paying too much for your one-hitter, so having a rough idea of how much it can cost is an excellent way to determine which one is ideal.

Look at the Brand

The brand or the head shop you are buying from can matter greatly to any smoking tool. You don’t want to be buying from a head shop that doesn’t look reliable, so look through customer testimonials to ensure you’re making a good choice.

If you find a lot of glitches or errors on the website, it’s probably best not to buy it from there. Ensure that the payment gateways are secured and that your browser isn’t warning you against entering the website.

Choosing the Right One-Hitter for Your Needs

Once you know how to use a one-hitter, what to look out for, and more, you can make an informed purchase. Choose the right one-hitter for your needs when you know what types are available and what you can get.

Ensure that you are not losing your cash on a lousy one-hitter when considering the quality and design.