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Connect with Nature and Visit Best Places to See in CROATIA


Croatia never heard of this country! Well, Croatia is located in the Southeast of Europe. Although, it is not as rich as the other well-known European countries it has been blessed with much natural beauty. Some regions are developed while some remain to live with the same poverty since its inception. If you ever have the chance to visit the country, don’t forget to check out the best places to see in Croatia

Top amazing best places to see in Croatia:

Now, moving towards our topics, the best places to see in Croatia. These places need to be pointed out, as it would be easy for travelers to rush to these spots on their next vacation. For spending time in such a stunning, we would suggest not ignoring this small but irresistibly amazing country named Croatia. The best spots of Croatia are as follow:

  • Dubrovnik

This place in Croatia is stunning. It is situated on the southern tip of Croatia. You can explore and visit all the city’s famous sites in a couple of days. Nowadays, Dubrovnik is getting populated because of its increasing popularity. There are also some nearby islands, which tourists visit. The elegance of the city makes you hypnotized with its rich culture and warm welcomes. 

Dubrovnik is nicknamed the “Pearl of Adriatic” because of its consistent visit by people around the globe. The top view of Dubrovnik is just mesmerizing, there are hundreds of orange-colored roofs with the diamond blue water in the front. This is the Adriatic Sea. 

In its history, Dubrovnik had a big name in the field of literature, art, science, and overall education. Historic sites include many castles, churches, and some defensive walls that were built during wars. The famous fountain called Onofrios’s Fountain also is found in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. 

Famous places in Dubrovnik are:

  1. Pile Gate
  2. Rector’s Palace
  3. St. Ignatius Church
  4. Mount Srd (only for viewing the sunset from the top) 
  • Plitvice Lakes

This is a national park and it is another amazing wonder of Croatia. Plitvice Lakes have many interconnected waterfalls which add to the unique places. The park consists of 16 beautiful lakes that connect. It attracts many visitors in the warm weather, however it is open all year round. The beauty of this place makes poetic people attracted to it and some have even mentioned the beauty of the place in their works. 

This National Park of Plitvice is made of natural dams which have different colors from blue to sea green. Many lakes are amazingly beautiful. People working here offer boat rides to have a complete view of the park. There are even pathways for people to walk on the sideways of the lakes to entertain themselves. 

  • Zagreb

The capital of Croatia and one of the popular cities in Zagreb. The gothic-style cathedrals are famous in Zagreb; they reflect the history of the city. Out of all cities of Croatia, Zagreb has most of the religious sites. Make sure you visit some of the religious rituals that are carried out in Zagreb during your trip. In fact, not visiting these rituals would make the enjoyment incomplete and you would not get the idea of Croatian traditions. 

The city has two parts; Upper Town and Lower Town. The Upper Town is of historic importance with beautiful old churches and castles. 

Famous tourists’ spots in Zagreb are:

  1. The Stone Gate with Virgin Mary’s painting
  2. Ban Jelacic Square
  3. Dolac Market
  4. Strossmayer’s Walkway

You can get restaurants that offer different variety of cuisines. The markets have fresh products of cloth and handicrafts.  Many artists and musicians play around their cords in the cobblestone streets. 

  • Hvar Islands

This town in Croatia is considered one of the peaceful places in the country. Its streets and castles give the reflection of the 13th century. The best views are from above the cliffs. Near it is the Island of Lavender, where you can come across hundreds of lavender plants. 

Hvar is located on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. The lavender fields and vineyards make it famous across Europe. The Hvar Towns features marble-built streets and many amazing Gothic palaces. The town square in Hvar is the largest in the whole of Croatia. St Stephen’s Cathedral and Arsenal Cathedral are the popular religious places to visit in Hvar. 

The cliffs in Hvar are properly organized with hiking trials for adventure-seeking visitors. Some famous places to check out in Hvar are:

  1. Pakleni Islands
  2. Grapceva Cave

It is a lively town with 24 hours’ open restaurants and nights life including clubs and bars. The food can vary in restaurants from Croatian to Mediterranean cuisines. These various factors add Hvar to the list of best places to see in Croatia

  • The Island of Vis

This island is one of the wonders of Croatia. It was closed until 1989 for tourism but then visitors started to enter the region. It is located in the Southern part of Croatia. Unspoiled nature, amazing underwater diving, and stunning beaches are all the plus points of the Island of Vis. 

The rich history and tasty cuisine attract almost anyone from around the world. For sure, this place is paradise on Earth.

Whenever you get the chance to visit this country, don’t forget the Island of Vis as it’s the best place to see in Croatia.  

  • Split

The second-largest city in Croatia with two hundred thousand inhabitants. It is situated on the coast. This city is packed with rich Roman history and charming streets that give the image of old Europe. It is not that crowded with tourists as Dubrovnik, so you can enjoy everything very calmly. UNESCO has regarded it as a World Heritage Site, now there is an increase in the number of tourists visiting per year. 

Split has an alternate name of “Mediterranean Flower” because of its intense beauty like a flower. It is situated on the peninsula of the Dalmatian Coast. The orange roofed houses and buildings are present in Split same as Dubrovnik. 

The contrast of the deep blue sea and colored buildings with sandy beaches all around gives such a hypnotizing view that no one can resist. You would want to capture the moment in a picture or video as a memory. 

Split is that area of Croatia where alongside the coasts, there are high mountains for hiking and traveling. These impressive sights make it one of the best places to see in Croatia. The busy city life is also very captivating in the sense that it makes you feel happy from the inside.

Famous places include:

  1. St. Domnius Cathedral (considered the oldest Catholic cathedral of all time)
  2. The Bell Tower
  3. People’s Square
  4. Cafes and restaurants in the Old Town.

This city has been featured in the famous HBO series; Games of Thrones. So, we have so many attributes to include Split in the list of the best places to see in Croatia.  

  • Krka National Park

This national park occupies the central position in the country, with many attractions for visitors. It is located alongside the Krka River. Krka National Park has a bunch of different species of plants and animals, meanwhile, it is a good place for researchers. This park is in Sibenik-Knin County near Split. You can easily take a bus and visit this beautiful park.  

The Krka National Park is the best place for photography with all the floral background and natural sceneries. The waterfalls around add extra beauty to the whole environment. 

If you have a chance at this place, don’t forget to visit the historic sites inside the park. The monasteries are quite old and have information about the traditions and cultures of Croatia. The park also includes Roman fortresses and Roman-style restaurants for tourists. This national park, situated in Sibenik, is a must-to-add to the best places to see in Croatia

  • Korcula

The place where the famous traveler Marco Polo was born. It is located on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. You can easily reach this city from Split and Dubrovnik. 

This city of Croatia is famous for its enchanting white beaches, old-fashioned towns, rich history, and amazing landscapes. The culture of Korcula includes festivals that can be captivating for tourists. The famous festival is the Kumpanija ritual, which is based on dancing and acting. Another famous festival is held as an honor to the great explorer known as Marco Polo Fest. It has music and dancing as well. 

Korcula is also known for olives production. It grows many orchards of green and black olives, that are either exported out or sold within the country. Vineyards, farms, and lime trees are specialties of Korcula. 

The city also consists of the old architecture of the Renaissance period. These buildings and settlements are worth visiting, even though they are old but they represent the history of such a memorable period. 

The cuisine of Korcula is a must-try. It has some worth mentioning dishes that are famous throughout Europe. These include:

    1. Lamb meat pieces 
    2. Ham 
    3. Fresh seafood grilled with Korcula produced olive oil 
    4. Some very popular wine products as Rukatac
  • Pula

It is situated on the Southside of the Adriatic Sea as a peninsula. Pula is a famous tourists spot for a very long time. It consists of the amphitheaters that amuse its visitors. According to the culture of Croatia, the gladiators fight battles in these amphitheaters. Tourists from the entire world visit Pula for these famous gladiator-fought battles. 

The Pula Arena is the famous amphitheater of Pula with the representation of the Roman Empire. This theater has about 72 arches that are 100 feet high. It can hold in about 23000 spectators. This theater also hosts the Pula Film Festival every summer season. This amphitheater is hundreds of years old but still looks the same because of its preservation by the Croatian government. Other historical places include the Venetian Fortress, the Byzantine Chapel, monasteries, gate arches, and old main squares. This shows the mixed cultures of Roman and other empires that ruled over Croatia. 

Not only in the historic sense, but Pula also has some impressive natural beauty attributes. The sunny beaches and the beautiful, fresh countryside give Pula even more important in the tourism sector. The beaches hold a lot of outdoor activities full of adventure. The Brijuni National Park is one of the famous parks in Pula. It has gem-like water and clear sandy beaches. Fishing and sailing are the two other popular activities in Pula. Tourists have fun during their visit to Pula in Croatia. 

  • Rovinj

A charming town in Croatia. It is on the Istrian peninsula of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. It constitutes 20 small islands that combine and give rise to this amazing town of Rovinj. Rovinj includes surprises like landscapes, facilities for tourists, historical sites, and food that can make you go wow. 

You can come across the narrow streets with old Roman buildings. The architecture of the entire city is old Roman-based. St. Euphemia’s is a well-known church in Rovinj, it has world-class artwork included in its building. There is a section in the city called Old Town which is the same that was built hundreds of years back in the Roman period. Still, after many years, people visit that town to know about the old empire. 

The farms in Rovinj are quite beautiful, their dairy products are worth trying. Valdibora Farmer’s Market is the best to find fresh homemade dairy products. Not only its items but the scenic view of this market is a part in our list of must-see places in Rovinj. Grisia Street and Carrera Street are the spotlights of art galleries and old shops, where you can shop for your friends and family. 

  • Zadar

The city of Zadar is on the coastline. Probably, on the Northern Dalmatian Coast. It is not as crowded as other tourists spots of Croatia, so you can have plenty of places to visit in a little time. This city is around three thousand years old with a long history of tourism. It has always been the center of attention for tourists around the world. Its fountains, cobble-made streets, and lovely squares increase its attraction for tourists. 

This city has a lot to offer to the visitors, from the seaside to man-made attractive places. The artificially made attractions include the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation (Greeting to the Sun). The Sea Organ is a unique place where the 35 underground pipes create sound to waves detectable and in the form of music. The Sun Salutation is also a man-made wonder, where people use sunlight in such a way to produce colorful lights in the dark. You can experience the fun of these wonders when you are in Zadar city.  

The sunny beaches of Zadar offer water sports of all kinds. You can swim or dive into the clear blue sea or have sunbathed on the beach. 

  • Rijeka

The country’s third-largest city, Rijeka is the epicenter of Croatian literature and arts. It is located in the Istrian Peninsula. It is more often famous as the multicultural region of Croatia, with Italian, Serb, Bosnian, and Croat people living all together. 

This city reflects the Venetian culture and has many buildings that are built according to that old Venetian style. Trsat Fortress is a must-see spot in Rijeka. The famous landmark of the city includes St. Vitus Cathedral. 

The Risnjak National Park is also located in Rijeka. The beaches of Rijeka are also worth visiting. 

  • Varadzin

This old town is in the North East of Croatia near Hungary’s border. This town has the best well-preserved parts of the country. It is old in a sense that the buildings and shops are all old-styled with the same ancient architecture. The frames of the buildings show the Rococo and Baroque styles of construction. 

If you ever are in Varadzin, don’t miss the Baroque Music Festival, because it is one of the lively and colorful festivals of the city. The theaters of Varadzin are also very famous. 

  • Primosten

A town between Sibenik and Split. This Croatian town is along the coast a perfect tourist destination. It is famous as a fishing village due to its on-shore location with fish-rich waters. This old town is charming enough to make you stop by and have a view of it. The hotels and food are extraordinary with delicious Croatian cuisine. 

The white sandy beaches are just breathtaking, with the crystal clear blue water surrounding them. In Primosten, there is the famous statue of “Our Lady of Loretto”. It is up above on the hill, from where you can have a wonderful view of the old town. 

  • The Blue Lagoon (Krknjasi Bay)

This place should be a must for all the people who like to travel. It is in between the islands of Veliki and Krknjasi. It is one of the peaceful places of Croatia with water perfect to dive in. the fresh cold water offers calmness and freshness to passing by travelers. You can check out this place and swim if you had a hectic journey. 

  • Sibenik

The city of Sibenik is on the Southern coast, the center of Dalmatia. The Krka National Park, mentioned before in this content, is a place inside of this city. You can come across the beautiful landscape in Sibenik. It is one of the best places to see in Croatia. 

This city was the official place to be found by the Croats, long time ago. Its historic sites faced destruction in the war of independence that took place in the 1990s. Sibenik has four fortresses that are all worth visiting, when in the city. They are:

  1. St John’s Fortress
  2. The famous St Nicholas Fortress
  3. St Michael’s Fortress
  4. Barone Fortress.

General Information About Croatia:

Croatia is in the Balkan with nearby gorgeous islands. The capital city is Zagreb. Religions include Christianity and Atheism, but the majority of inhabitants are Christians. Croatia shares its borders with Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. It got independence some 30 years back in October. The country is as lovely as its name, with hilly areas, plain grounds, and breathtaking coastlines. Not only this but included in its natural attractions are high waterfalls, some famous lakes, and caves rich in minerals of all kinds. 

Tourism in Croatia:

Tourism in Croatia is in demand for a long time. The beautiful places all around the country attract tourists from different areas of the world. It welcomes about 19.6 million tourists yearly, but the pandemic of COVID-19 had a very bad impact on overall tourism. The facilities Croatia provides to the visitors are developing but there is still space for improvement. But the conclusion comes to be that despite many reasons, it is a place loved by tourists and they can’t resist visiting the amazing country.  

What is Croatia popular for?

Spectacular Beaches:

Croatia is famous for its beautiful beaches and there are many of them in the entire country. All European countries are rich in beaches and Croatia is also one of them. 

High Rated National Parks:

The country has some must-visit National Parks. The God-gifted beauty is here up in the form of parks so that the biodiversity of plants and wildlife remains preserved. 

Delicious Food and Coffee:

Croatian cuisine is the best among many of the countries. Croatia never disheartens its guest whenever it comes to food and stuff. If you are a coffee lover, then Croatia is the best place for you to visit. This nation is famous for the unique taste and aroma of the coffee it serves to people. The capital, Zagreb, is popular for the coffee culture. 

Soaring Mountains:

Some irregular pathways take the tourists to beautiful mountains. These mountains are worth mentioning and they play a vital role in the tourism aspect of the country. 


These were the best places to see in Croatia. They all are worth visiting. Tourists should information about which places are best in a country they are planning to visit. Croatia is beautiful in every aspect and is among the must-visit countries.