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Wanted Fish Hack Free Money, Bait, Boats and Harpoon Full Guide


In the wanted fish you go for fishing and any fish that you catch you get a chance to bait or to sell it. The best part is you are on the sail boat and you can not sea what is down there in the water while aiming at the fish and thats what makes this game interesting. You can use this tool to get free money though there are many other tools but we have come about this from google search.

You get mulitple targets in this game that you have to achieve in order to rank higher in the game. This game always asks you to upgrade from the beggining so we will tell you how you can keep playing this game. Read this article full till the end to know more about the game hack tool or you can just directly get it by visiting and try searching wanted fish hack.

In wanted fish game you get to get upgrade your distance, Harpoon which are so far upto level 5 from level 1. Each level has its own bait that you can use for fishing. You always need the money to do shopping from the shop in the game.

Wanted Fsh Hack How to Have Unlimited Money

We will tell you now how you can have maximum amount of money in the game while playing this game

Wanted Fish Hack How to play without Ads

In order to play wanted fish without seeing advertisements in the game you would need to pay $1.99. Or You can go and find the tool on the website by typing wanted fish hack in the search bar given above.

Follow these steps to play wanted fish without ads:

  • Top open the Game wanted fish
  • Now go to the shop which is in top left
  • Now navigate to the $ sign bag option
  • From Gold Store Option pick the second option

wanted fish has really amazing features like you can equip yourself with so many things including your guideline too. In the Shop store you can find the option max guide line which costs a little money around 100 bucks of the game. All you need to do is to press the equip option and you will be equiped to see the guidelines till the end.

Boats in Wanted Fish

wanted fish hack boats

There are up to level 5 boats with their own features and looks. As the Lv1 Boat has only speed of 5km/h. While Lv2, Lv3, Lv4 and Lv5 has the speed of 8km/h, 11km/h, 14km/h and 17km/h respectively. Once you have hacked all the obstacles of the game you can use all of these resources of the game for free.

Harpoon in Wanted Fish

Harpoons in wanted fish comes with attractive features as it offers a facility to do better fishing by catching more number of fish at a single time and these fish can be sold anytime in the market and you get the money. The best of the Harpoon which is Lv5 Harpoon is coloured blue and looks attractive. Lv5 Harpoon gives you a chance to catch upto 5 fish in one turn.

Bait in Wanted Fish

wanted fish hack bait

Bait in wanted fish are also of the same 5 levels and the best of the baits attracts the fish of all other baits level. So it is always advised you to have the Lv5 Bait from the beggining so that you can get most of the fish and best of them. Selling best of the fish will give you more money.