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Army Commander Full Game Where to Download and Free Upgrade Options


In this game, you would need to download the full game from the google play store, and you can also buy all the resources in a blink just by upgrading the game. Once you finish your first round and take good control of the charge, you can upgrade the game.

Fight prepared your soldiers! Now is the right time to conquer the foe’s property.

Battle for your entitlement to protect your country as the president. Your main objective is to catch the foe’s banner by building your officers and stations.

Gather however many units of labels as you can. The more you gather, the more you can construct and become grounded. Open exceptional redesigns and hardware. Assault and rout the foes by utilizing your tanks, bazookas, or flying your planes. Remember to hang tight for the large drop! A little help from our partners can go quite far.

Play this exceptionally irresistible game that will at last test your methodology abilities. Is it true that you are prepared? There must be one victor!

Game Features why you should play this game?

Construct your stations

Gather however many labels as could be expected under the circumstances and offer them to open each fight station.

Get everyone excited

More stations mean more soldiers. Accumulate them all as your first line of safeguard. Then, assault!

Raise your positions

No decent deed accompanies no prize. As you progress, see yourself graduate to the field’s highest point: Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain? And so on!

Catch the Enemy’s Flag and win the battle

End the day with triumph in your grasp!

According to our review, the game is marvelous and fun. Yet, after you have played it a few times and opened every one of the upgraded highlights, like fighters, weapons, and vehicles, the game would become exhausting. Because the instrument of the game is the equivalent 100% of the time: you gather labels and afterward overhaul offices repeatedly. So ideally, there will be a few new highlights from now on, so I will have the interest to continue to play. One inquiry: what’s the sculpture for? I continue to place labels in it, yet, it changes no more after it changes from straightforward to brown (like copper?).

Individuals generally grumble about advertisements in games, yet a 10 second constrained promotion following a couple of moments of ongoing interaction is not a joking matter; they need to bring in cash somehow. (Also, standalone mode exists, individuals) Anyways, the game is a happy time-passer, it’s tomfoolery, yet a couple of objections:

1. Assuming you switch off haptics and close the game, it betrays

2. Execution issues (after playing for quite a while, it slacks like insane, and I need to restart the game to fix it.