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Warframe Argon Crystal: How To Get Farming Guide 2021


warframe argon crystal


Warframe is an online third-person shooter that has a mobile companion app called Warframe Argon Crystal.Players will need to learn how they can cultivate their own Argun Crystals quickly with this guide.Argon Crystals are a rare asset that drops on Orokin Void tileset missions and from select death targets.After Midnight, each Argon Crystal becomes a ticking time bomb. If you don’t use it before the timer hits zero, all is lost!

Warframe Argon Crystal cultivating is frustrating. Sometimes you go for 20 minutes and don’t even find one, but then other times you can get 5-10 in just five minutes! For best results with this asset on Void maps it’s a good idea to use Speed Nova, Pilfering Swarm Hydroid, Desecrate Nekros or Energy Vampire Trinity (whichever works better) along with using either Survival of Defense missions so they have unlimited energy while trying the difficult cultivation process.

Players in Warframe have to keep their eyes peeled for the rare Argon Crystal. This is an unusual and uncommon segment that can be found from bosses, but players will need to know how best to cultivate them so they don’t expire too quickly! In this guide we’ll cover what you should look out for when looking at a potential crystal mine and give some pointers on cultivating these crystals as well.

How to farm for Argon Crystals quickly in Warframe

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In Warframe, Argon Crystals are found in stores and can drop from enemies. However, if you want to grow your own set of crystals with the same rarity as those purchased or looted by players on the battlefields of this game mode then there is a few things one should be aware when starting their journey for these mystical materials.

To start with, carrying along a Kubrow or Kavat with the Scavenge mod can significantly build your odds of discovering Argon Crystals. The friends will help in finding lootable holders and storage spaces to plunder for goodies like Thief’s Wit and Master Thief mods.

Though Argon Crystals are rare, some have discovered a way to farm them. Void Defense Missions can yield an average of one every five rounds! The Nekros Warframe is also useful for the Desecrate expansion and Pilfering Swarm growth helps Hydroid find more crystals.

Where to Farm Argon Crystal?

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Argon Crystals are scarce in the Void, but players can now find them at other places like Deimos. These gems have a short life span of 24 hours before they start to rot; this is why it’s important for Warframe enthusiasts and Weapons collectors to get there hands on these crystals as soon as possible.

Along these lines, you should possibly cultivate the sum you need just when you need it. Alongside that, run an asset supporter and use Smeeta Kavat to help your assets drop rate further too.


1) Ani Void

The Void is a place that the Tenno call home and Ani holds the most reduced endurance mission possible, making it easier for players to take on foes. This will allow them to stay longer in order get Warframe Argon Crystal drops such as all kinds of different resources which may be valuable later down the line.

Argon Crystals will drop when you obliterate Warframe Argon Crystal Pegmatites which can be discovered. When meandering around the Void, make sure to keep a lookout for enemies – these foes are hard enough on veterans! Being in groups with other players may prove beneficial since more enemies means higher chances of fighting back against powerful opponents.

2) Ukko (Void)

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The Ukko mission is the perfect opportunity for players who want a quick run. Players may slaughter enemies or loot chests to get more Argon Crystals, which many Warframes can do quickly and also move around the map with ease.Ukko’s incredible for cultivating Warframe Argon Crystals and relics, which players can use to grow prime gear.

3) Oxomoco (Void)

To accomplish more executing than plundering, you can agree to Oxomoco. An eliminate mission situated in the Void. With a basic run through this elimination challenge, players may meander around and search for plunder compartments to open up their odds of getting Warframe Argon Crystal – dropping off from foes who lie on your path! You’ll be set against numerous adversaries that you should slaughter which could wind up with an Argon Crystal or two falling into your possession as well.


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