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Warzone 1 has been brought back online, but essential components and maps are still absent


When Activision released Call of Duty: Warzone 2 a few weeks ago, the predecessor game, Warzone 1.0, was taken offline temporarily so that the developer, Raven Software, could concentrate on providing support for the new game. Raven may have its hands full with the flying boats, endless money issues, and regular crashes that are affecting Warzone 2, but the company has kept its promise: as of today, Warzone 1.0 is back online, but it has a new name.

Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera is the new name for Warzone 1, which has been retired (opens in new tab). It’s basically the same Warzone as it was a few weeks ago, although there are some key elements that have been removed. There is currently just one map available, Caldera, and two different playlist options available: battle royale Quads and battle royale Solos. There is neither a new battle pass nor any other method to access previously purchased content from previous battle passes; nonetheless, all of Warzone’s existing weaponry, custom classes, and unlocks have been preserved. Warzone Caldera is currently essentially a Call of Duty game from before the era of service games; it is a standalone piece of content that does not have any big updates or a roadmap in the works. A free-for-all fight that cannot be stopped in time.

Notably, the tiny map category has been removed from both Warzone 1 and its subsequent instalment as a result of today’s relaunch, at least for the time being. Fortune’s Keep, a well-liked little map that was added earlier this year to replace Rebirth Island, has been removed, and Activision has no plans to bring it, Rebirth, or Warzone’s initial map, Verdansk, back any time soon.

This is disappointing information for a sizeable portion of the Warzone community, particularly those players who had developed a preference for the more compact and rapid-fire gameplay offered by Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island. It seems surprising to do rid of it now given how popular tiny maps and the Resurgence ruleset have been in Warzone’s playlist rotation for the past two years. Resurgence is a battle royale version that automatically respawns squadmates if at least one player is still alive in the match. Even though there is no small map option in Warzone 2, Activision has hinted that there may be “interesting changes” in subsequent seasons of Warzone 2 for players who enjoy playing on smaller terrain.

It would appear that the relaunch of Warzone Caldera has come and gone without much in the way of hoopla. On a personal computer, there is scant evidence that the older game is still in circulation. The Modern Warfare 2019 game is the only one that appears in the former Warzone 1 library spot on my app. This is a humorous turn of events considering that Warzone “ate” MW nearly two years ago. The Warzone Caldera content pack for Modern Warfare can now be installed. This pack demands a total of 89 gigabytes of storage space.