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How to Use Scope in PUBG (PS4, PS5)


Players in some first-person shooters, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), have the ability to aim down the sights (ADS) for greater precision. You will notice a very slight increase in magnification, and you will be able to use either iron sights or scopes to align yourself with your target. Scopes are fantastic for quick shooting as well as precise shooting at longer ranges. Scopes are also very affordable. Do you require assistance in learning how to make use of the scope when playing PUBG? In this article, we will teach you how to use the scope in the PlayStation version of PUBG. So let’s get started:

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How to Use Scope in PUBG (PS4, PS5)

Tapping the left trigger, often known as L2, on either the PS4 or PS5 will cause the scope to become active. In several first-person shooter games, you have the option of either toggling the ADS or holding down the button. However, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not like these other games.

To swap perspectives, you must press and hold the L2 button, and to utilize a scope, you must push the L2 button. You can overcome this potentially frustrating challenge to mastering PUBG’s controls by just putting in the necessary amount of practice. When using a console, the R2 or RB button can be used to make adjustments to the magnification level of certain scopes. When you are holding those buttons down, use the left stick to zoom in closer, then drag it down to zoom out more.

Using a scope in PUBG on a PS4 or PS5 can be accomplished by following these steps:

1. Participate in a match of PUBG.

2. As soon as you touch down, you should search for a weapon or scope first.

3. If you locate a gun first, you’ll be able to connect any scope that’s compatible with it that you find on the ground immediately.

How to Use Scope in PUBG (PS4, PS5)

4. If you find a scope first, you will need to find a gun and then use the scope that you found in your inventory to attach it to the gun.

How to Use Scope in PUBG (PS4, PS5)

5. Tap the L2 button once your pistol has a scope attached to it.

How to Use Scope in PUBG (PS4, PS5)

6. You should be able to make use of the scope to aim at probable targets at this point.

How to Use Scope in PUBG (PS4, PS5)

7. Repeatedly pressing LT will exit the ADS mode.

How to Use Scope in PUBG (PS4, PS5)


What is PUBG scope button?

This feature enables a player to instantly alter their scope with just the touch of a button, which is precisely what the name implies it will do. For instance, in PUBG Mobile, if you have a red dot scope, a 2x scope, a 4x scope, and a 6x scope in your bag, but you only have a 2x scope mounted on your gun.

Where is scope in PUBG Mobile?

Another place where players can get a 6x scope for their assault rifles or sniper rifles is the Sosnovka Military Base. Players can use this sight on either type of gun. The Military Base contains a large number of facilities that are dispersed over the island and are stocked with valuable loot.

Which gun comes with scope in PUBG?

M416 Assault Rifle:

It is possible for a player to become unbeatable in any kind of mid-range battle if they have a 4x scope. Attachments such as the following are recommended for usage with the M416 and 4x combo: Muzzle: Compensator

What is Quickscoping sniper?

Since the inception of first-person shooter games with several players, quickscoping has been an integral part of the genre. It is a term that alludes to the strategy of employing a sniper rifle, which is typically a type that can kill an opponent with just one shot, and swiftly zeroing in on them while they are within close range in order to kill them. This has the potential to be quite useful if it is successful.

Which gun kills fast in PUBG?

AWM. There is no question that the AWM is far and away the greatest, and without a doubt the best gun there is in the game. However, all of the air drop weapons are incredible options, and you should without a doubt run them if you ever get the chance. If you hit someone in the head with the AWM, even if they are wearing a level three helmet, you will instantly kill them with a single shot.