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What Does Premium do in Bloxburg – is it worth it?


What Does Premium do in Bloxburg

Thinking what comes with Bloxburg Premium and not sure if it’s worth the Robux? Well, I’ve got your back! Today, we’re diving into what this fancy upgrade brings to the table. Stick around till the end, because I’ll spill the beans on whether it’s a thumbs-up or a pass. Let’s roll! 🎮

So, you know, Bloxburg Premium sets you back 400 Robux. If you’ve got those shiny Robux to spare, let’s peek at the perks, shall we?

1. Half Bills, Baby! 💸

Picture this: You’re crafting these massive, jaw-dropping houses, right? Well, guess what? Bloxburg Premium swoops in and cuts those bills in half! I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Big houses, small bills – a win-win in my book!

2. Boosted Donation Power 🎁

Are you a real-life Santa Claus, always spreading joy with donations? Well, Bloxburg Premium grants you a higher donation limit. Cool, right? If you’re all about the generosity, this could be your ticket. With this you can donate up to $50,000.

3. Plot Your Spot 🏡

Now, let’s chat about the “Choose Your Plot” superpower. Remember those times you spawned across the map from your pals? Ugh, the struggle was real! With Bloxburg Premium, you can actually pick your plot, making hangouts and deliveries a breeze.

4. Daily Rewards

Once you get this game pass you can get more daily rewards. You can get up to $5,000 or even more it has got no cap.

5. Bloxburg Premium Trophy

You get this trophy once you buy the bloxburg premium game pass. You can use it to decorate your house or you can even sell it for $7,000 and upgrade it by spending more $3,000.

But wait, should you make the leap? Let’s break it down like this:

  • If you’re not glued to Bloxburg, maybe don’t rush. Take it easy, see if it’s your jam before diving in.
  • New to Bloxburg? Well, hold your horses. Maybe wait till you’re absolutely hooked before splurging those Robux.
  • Now, if you’re living in Bloxburg, building epic homes, playing with pals, and donating like it’s a hobby, Bloxburg Premium could be your MVP.

My Take: Worth It or Nah? 🤔

Okay, let’s spill some tea. I’m waving my Bloxburg Premium flag! The “Half Bills” perk? Genius for big builders. The donation boost? Aces if you’re a giving soul. “Choose Your Plot”? Heck yes, no more map-crossing marathons!

But hey, here’s the scoop: If big bills or map wars ain’t your vibe, you might want to save those Robux for a different adventure.


How long does Bloxburg Premium last?

Bloxburg Premium lasts for 30 days from the moment you purchase it.

Does bloxburg premium give you multiple floors?

Yes, bloxburg premium allows you to build up to 5 floors and build your house more awesome! And if you do not have the game pass then you can not even build the second floor.