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What Every Driver Needs In Their Car Boot: A Guide


Car Boot

Driving any vehicle gives you a lot of freedom, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to be responsible both for the safety of yourself and other road users, as well as the proper care and maintenance of your car.

While most drivers know what paperwork they need to be able to drive, many don’t think about what safety and spare equipment they should have in the boot of their cars.

That’s why we’ve listed some vital items that will ensure that, if something happens while you’re on the road, you’ve got what you need.

Every journey and vehicle is unique, but this list will give you a rough overview of what you need to consider keeping in your boot.

A Warm Blanket Or Coat

Cars have an unfortunate habit of breaking down at the worst possible times and in the worst possible places. As such, you need to make sure that you have the equipment to prepare for every eventuality. If your car breaks down during the cold weather, and you’re unable to run your engine and use the in-car heating until help arrives, then you could get incredibly cold. As such, you need to make sure you keep a warm coat or blanket in the back of your car for such emergencies.

A Winch

Having a winch will allow you to get your vehicle, or someone else’s, out of danger if it becomes stuck. As such, you should always aim to keep a small winch or hoist handy. While some can be stored on the front of your vehicle for ease of use, you can also get small ones that you can store in your boot until needed. If you’re looking for a winch for your vehicle, then Super Power Winch has a wide range of options that suit everything from professional recovery vehicles to small cars so that you can find the perfect one.

Physical Maps

Digital map apps and GPS technology have made many of us overlook physical maps. However, if you break down in an area that doesn’t have a strong internet signal or your batteries die, then you might need a physical map. There are many paper maps still available, and while they don’t update automatically, they can be a useful solution for those who are lost and don’t have access to digital maps. You should make sure you keep a map of areas you’re visiting and that you replace it every year to ensure it’s always up to date.

A Spare Tyre And Ratchet

As obvious as it might seem, many drivers overlook having a spare tyre with them at all times. If your tyre blows out or gets damaged, then a spare tyre or wheel is important. It would help if you also had the equipment and knowledge to change a tyre yourself, as it can be expensive to call out professional help for such a simple piece of car maintenance. It’s not enough to have a spare tyre either; you also need to ensure that you take care of it and check it regularly. Tougher regulations could be enforced soon to ensure that every driver has the right spare tyres and that they don’t drive on poorly-kept ones, so you should check your spare tyre every few months.