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Why Offset Technology is best for Custom Packaging:


People who have some knowledge about the printing technologies that are available in the market know very well about the offset printing technology because its procedure is totally different from the other traditional technologies that are offered. Offset printing technology has gained a lot of popularity after the custom packaging companies are using them for printing a different kind of complex artwork on the boxes.  Now, many companies are using offset printing technology for printing custom boxes with no minimum limit that is an amazing change. In the past, companies were using the screen or digital printing for low minimum order quantities that has been overtaken by the offset printing technology now. Now, let’s discuss some more details about this technology that you will find interesting for sure.


Offset Printing Technology:


The printing procedure of offset technology is quite different from the other techniques because in this technique printing is not performed directly on your desired object. In the first step, ink is transferred on a rubber blanket and that is an important step. While in the second phase printing image of the object is transferred to your printable object. This procedure may look a bit complex but it is worth it. The results that you get with the help of offset printing technology is much better than the other technologies that are available right now. Although offset printing technology has its own pros and cons. But, still it is regarded as the best option for large order quantities because the price per unit keeps on reducing when you increase the quantities using offset. Moreover, you can get good results and a variety of options for customization including Pantone and metallic inks.

While any change in the plates can be expensive and it is not a considerable choice for printing very low quantities e.g. less than 100.




I know that you might be thinking that nowadays 3d printing technology is trending. Well, I also accept this fact but 3d printing is used by the huge firms and its applications are different as well. For normal printing on custom boxes, cards, paper, and other similar goods, many companies are using offset printing technology due to the best results and variety of options for the customization in terms of printing inks, different stocks, and other add-ons as well. So, if you are planning to start any new business related to the printing then you must have sufficient knowledge about the printing technologies that are used for in our daily life routine. In this regard, I will highly recommend you to read more about the offset, screen, and digital printing technology. You must know the basic differences between as well. So, before using them, you should know which technology is best for your current job. We have tried to explain in the detail the trending printing technologies that are available in the market. I hope that after reading this guide, you will get clear directions about the most common factors. Also, don’t forget to read about 3d printing technology and its applications as well.

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