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How to Ride an Electric Skateboard?


How to Ride an Electric Skateboard?

The electric skateboard is a rapidly growing commuting gadget among youngsters, adults, or even kids. Electric skateboards are comparatively fast from their old school manual skateboards. So, you need to have the pretty basic knowledge to sustain your balance or ride at the beginning level. First stepping up on an electric skateboard is quite difficult as well as you feel some of the hesitation while operating a fast device for the first time in your life. It is quite obvious because you aren’t familiar with the various tricks and tips to ride this beautiful thrilling gadget. In this regard, I will recommend you to read about the best electric skateboards by

Riding on an electric skateboard is not such a complicated thing or hard to learn. The only thing you have to do is practice and more practice to become a master of this art. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to share some basic tips. So, you can start riding your electric scooter. Following we have discussed each important step, make sure you read this guide till the end to take maximum benefit.


Safety First

Whenever you go to a rapid machine such as an electric skateboard you should be well equipped with all of the necessary and mandatory safety gear. This is the first lesson that you shouldn’t forget because as you know this is a fast machine and while riding on this you might have to face any incident. So, by having complete safety gear would probably save you from major injuries. In short, you should wear safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guard gloves.



Helmet is the most important thing to wear while riding on an electric skateboard. Because it can save you from any major or serious head injury in case of a severe accident. So, the importance of a helmet is quite obvious.


Knee and Elbow Pads

Knees and elbows both are very crucial parts or joints of your body. If one of them faces some type of serious injury, you probably cannot do skateboarding. So, wearing a knee and elbow pads is as obligatory as wearing a helmet


Wrist guard Gloves

Your hands are likely to be the first in contact with the ground in case of falling from your electric skateboard.  By having proper wrist guard gloves you can save your hands from major or minor injury as well as from scratches too. So you should wear this safety gear before riding on the electric skateboard.



There are two ways to ride on an electric skateboard. First is the regularly stance and the second one in the goofy stance.  Normally people follow a regular stance where you put your left foot at the front where your toe is facing forward to the front of your electric skateboard.  While in the goofy stance you put your right leg in front-facing forward similar to the left leg into the regular stance.

Try both of the stances and choose which one is more suitable and helpful for you to keep your balance while riding and turning.


Press Throttle

Once you find your right stance, now it’s time to press the buzzer. There are various types and strengths of electric skateboards you will find in the market. You probably do not know how fast your electric skateboard accelerates by pressing the throttle too hard. If your electric skateboard accelerates too fast, this might unbalance you as a result you can fall on to the ground. So, to avoid such circumstances you should press the throttle gradually. So, you can better get control over your balance and on your board from the very start of your ride.



When you ride on an e-board that has a speed of 12-15 mph, you should be well aware of the braking system of the electric skateboard to save you from falling down. The braking procedure of an electric skateboard is quite opposite to the acceleration of an electric skateboard. When you want to break, you should shift your weight from the front to the back. To do this you have to slightly lean backward. That’s how you can lower the center of gravity too.

You should release your throttle gradually to brake or stop your electric skateboard safely.



These are pretty simple steps but you have to practice them well to become a pro skateboarder. I hope after reading this guide you can ride your electric skateboard quite safely. If you want to explore more about the skateboards, you can visit We have tried our best to give you the basic knowledge that is required to know before riding on these electric skateboards.







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