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Wild Hearts – How to Get Gold Hematite


Like most monster-hunting games, Wild Hearts demands a lot of grinding. Gamers who want to equip themselves with the best armor and weapons may find themselves searching aimlessly for materials. One of these materials that could seem the most elusive is the mineral called golden hematite. Even though Golden Hematite only spawns in one area of Wild Hearts, it’s easy to locate. You will learn how to obtain gold hematite in wild hearts from this article:

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Where to Find Golden Hematite

Because Golden Hematite is a chapter-specific ore, you have to be mining in the appropriate chapter of Wild Hearts in order to obtain the desired drop.

To be more precise, you must complete Chapter 3 in order to obtain the Golden Hematite ore. It is situated in Akikure Canyon, and Kintodo Tower is the ideal route to access the greatest amount of ore. The map below shows a good place to get golden hematite.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Gold Hematite

How to Get Gold Hematite

Look for ore that you may mine when you are within the caverns or when you are facing the rocky walls. An image of the Golden Hematite ore protruding against the wall can be found below. To mine it, all you have to do is get close to it, or leap up at it, and push the designated button. The text “Get Ore” in the game should prompt you to do so when you’re close enough.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Gold Hematite

In Akikure Canyon, golden hematite can be found everywhere, and frequently, a single ore vein can be found at a time. Thus, the quest for a significant quantity of golden hematite can occasionally take a while. In order to maximize efficiency and harvest an endless supply of Golden Hematite, we suggest that you access Tsukumo Ore Shrine located in the Dragon Karakuri area.


How do you get a large piece of ore in wild hearts?

Generally speaking, the least invasive and most effective way to farm large pieces of ore is to place as many of these Shrines at a single Camp location on each map, play the game and hunt as normal, and then periodically return to check on and empty these Shrines.

What is the fastest way to get gold in Wild Hearts?

Sell the pieces. People merely ask for your assistance; you’re not a hired hand as you are in MH, but rather the local hero. The Fisherman’s Guild also pays for odd chores, but selling unnecessary pieces will bring you money faster.

What is the most difficult weapon in Wild Hearts?

Because it can overheat and has a limited amount of ammunition, the Cannon is the most technically difficult weapon in Wild Hearts. As a result, you must strike a balance between dealing a lot of damage, replenishing ammunition, and taking quick rests to let it cool down. Setting down a Ki Base is necessary to replenish ammunition.

What is the best starter weapon in Wild Hearts?

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you encounter in Wild Hearts for a reason. It’s a fantastic all-arounder with good damage, range, and repositioning ability that’s simple to learn and master.

What is the best early game armor in Wild Hearts?

Because to its strong attributes, the Young Samurai Armor Set is a great early-game set. A player can choose between the Kemono-path and the Human-path using it. For individuals who enjoy using human technology to strengthen their defenses, the Human-path is the best option.