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Honkai: Star Rail – How to Unlock Path of Propagation


A significant change to the Simulated Universe was one among the many features planned for the patch, as seen by the recent Honkai Star Rail 1.3 live stream. The Path of Propagation, which will be formally introduced in the title coming forward, is a significant highlight of the domain. You will learn how to unlock the propagation path in the Honkai Star Rail by reading this article:

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What are the Effects of the Path of Propagation?

The Path of Propagation in Honkai Star Rail will be introduced in the next Simulated Universe: The Swarm Disaster. It will have a predetermined set of Blessings and Resonance Formation, the same as other Paths in the simulation.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Unlock Path of Propagation

This is a detailed analysis of how it affects the Simulated Universe, as demonstrated in the livestream for version 1.3. It is important to note that after choosing the Path at the start of the domain, players can activate it.

  • Raises each character’s Basic ATK DMG by 24%.
  • Increases the likelihood that the Blessing of Propagation will appear on the choices screen. About their Basic ATKs, each of them will give the active characters additional bonuses.

As usual, players can turn on the Path Resonance after obtaining three of its Blessings. In addition, at every sixth, tenth, and fourteenth count, respectively, the following Resonance Formations become accessible.

  • Resonance Formation: Proboscis
  • Resonance Formation: Phenol Compounds
  • Resonance Formation: Crystal Pincers

How to Unlock Propagation Path

Players need to unlock every chapter in order to access the Propagation Path. They can then unlock Swarm Disaster: The Final Mission after that. They will be able to utilize the Propagation Path in both Swarm Disaster and the regular Simulated Universe after finishing this task.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Unlock Path of Propagation

Characters like Blade, Imbibitor Lunae, or Qingque that rely heavily on improved Basic Attacks will find this path especially helpful. It helps in the administration of skill points and improves characters according to how often they use basic and skill attacks.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Unlock Path of Propagation

The beast will use some unique tactics throughout the conflict. Once the new effects from the Path are unlocked, players may anticipate a thrilling fighting experience.


How do you unlock the forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail?

The Fleeting Lights quest can be used to access the Forgotten Hall. You should be around Trailblaze Level 20 when you receive the quest, though the Honkai: Star Rail community is still unsure of the precise Trailblaze Level you need to be at. Try increasing your Equilibrium Level if the mission is still not available to you.

How do you trigger emergency in Honkai Star Rail?

Transferring to upgraded areas (Combat, Trotter) is more likely to result in a crisis. These areas are marked by a little icon in the bottom-right corner of the map, so players who are actively looking to cause emergencies should keep an eye out for them.

What is the weakness of Honkai star rail swarm?

Proceed to eliminate every aircraft until you come across True Sting, the last monster in Honkai Star Rail’s Swarm Disaster. The creature’s enormous HP pool grows over the course of three phases. Its drawbacks, however, are similar to those of the fire, quantum, and imaginary components.

Is there a pity system in Honkai: Star Rail?

According to the number of pulls done thus far, the Honkai Star Rail Pity system ensures that gamers will receive a rare pull. You may be certain that you will ultimately obtain a 4- or 5-star character without having to use up all of your Steller Jade in the game.

What is the pity rate in Honkai: Star Rail?

Every time you pull a Character Event Warp banner, soft sympathy builds up. From your 75th to 90th pull, this causes that 0.6% chance to gradually rise until it reaches 100%.