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Winaero Tweaker 0.15.1 [Update]

Usman Ali Ramay


Winaero Tweaker 0.15.1 [Update]

Winaero Tweaker is an across the board customization utility that encourages you to change Windows in only a couple of straightforward snaps. The program incorporates changes for each rendition of a working framework from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Winaero Tweaker naturally recognizes the form of Windows OS you’re running and shows changes and customization alternatives likewise. The product can be introduced as a convenient application so you can accept it with you as you move to start with one PC then onto the next.

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Winaero Tweaker 0.15.1 [Update]

Here’s a fractional highlights list:

  • Data – View data about your PC equipment and OS.
  • Air Colors – Change all Windows Aero settings including those which can’t be changed with Control Panel.
  • Air Lite – Activate the shrouded Aero Lite subject.
  • Alt+Tab Appearance – Change concealed mystery choices of the Alt+Tab discourse.
  • Shaded Title Bars – Enable hues for window title bars in Windows 10.
  • Dull Color Scheme – Here you can empower the dim shading plan for Windows 10 framework settings and applications.
  • Dormant Title Bars Color – Change the shade of idle title bars in Windows 10.
  • Impair Aero Shake – Disable or empower the Aero Shake highlight.
  • Impair Driver Updates – Turn off driver refreshes in Windows Update.
  • Cripple Web Search – Disable Web Search in taskbar and Cortana in Windows 10.
  • Cripple Action Center – Disable or empower the Action Center component in Windows 10.
  • Debilitate Live Tiles – Disable Live Tiles at the same time for Universal(Metro) applications.
  • Initiate Windows Photo Viewer – Activate Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10.
  • Auto-update Store applications – Disable or empower auto-update of Store applications in Windows 10.
  • Debilitate Cortana – Disable Cortana in Windows 10.
  • Debilitate Windows Defender – Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Edge Download Folder – Change the default download envelope in Microsoft Edge.
  • Stop Unwanted Apps – Stop undesirable applications Windows introduces consequently.
  • Windows Defender Tray Icon – Show or conceal Windows Defender plate symbol.
  • Application Switcher Hover Timeout – Change the App Switcher float break delay.
  • Charms Bar Hover Timeout – Change the Charms Bar drift break delay.
  • Current App Closing Options – Speed up shutting time of Metro applications for mouse and contact.
  • Begin Screen Power Button – Show or shroud the Power catch on the Start screen.
  • Handicap Telemetry – Prevent Windows 10 from keeping an eye on you.
  • … what’s more, some more.

Download page: Winaero Tweaker 0.15.1 | 2.3 MB (Freeware)
View: Winaero Tweaker Home Page | v0.15 Release Notes

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