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PUBG Mobile vs PC – Difference between PUBG Mobile & PUBG PC


Difference between PUBG Mobile & PUBG PC

The battle royal game can be played on both mobiles and PC. Every time the updated versions are increasing fan followers. So naturally, the differences between the playing versions are different. Some love the big screen on PC and some want to play PUBG anytime on mobiles. Hence a question is obvious to popup is which mode is better or which one is more interesting. Here we will try to find out the answer to this.

Before jumping into the differences in the games on mobile and PC, first, let’s know the basic information about the two different game types.

PBG Mobile

It’s a wonderful fast game invented in 2018. The latest version takes the storage of 2 GB to play PUBG on Mobile. Besides the mobiles, it also can be played in Tabs and I-Pads. It easily can be played in basic androids also. You can download the game from the Google play store free of cost. 100 players can play it together.


The name is defining that PUBG PC is played on desktops or laptops. The PC version is good and the screen view is obviously bigger than mobiles.  It was launched in 2017. The battle royal game has collected 400 millions of gamers so far and the number is increasing. The gameplay of the PC version is very smooth as you can get good FPS. 

The most common 10 differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC

  1. Graphics

The graphics of both versions are different. The PC graphics are more prominent and attractive than mobile graphics. The mobile version provides the resolution up to 480p but the PC version can use 720p to 1080p.

  1. The size of the game in two versions

The game size of the mobile version is 2 GB and the PC version size is 40 GB so the high ended game on PC is played with better satisfaction.

  1. Game map

The maps used in the games are very much made for games only. There is a connection between the real and game map. It applies to a similar version.

  1. The interior design of the different versions

The interior designs are limited in PUBG Mobile and the PC version has some additional sights.

  1. Gun or the weapon recoil

The recoiling process in PUBG PC is quite tough compare to the mobile version. Any tough guns including AKM, M416, etc can be controlled in PUBG mobile.

  1. Training camps

PUBG PC training camp, Camp Jackal is bigger than the mobile version. The accuracy and skills are also better in PUBG PC.

  1. Limited FPS

The PUBG Mobile version is 60fps and the PC version can exceed 136fps. It’s very difficult to play with the frame in mobiles but the PC version can give an average chance to play even at 300FPS in an excellent device.

  1. Footprints

 PUBG Mobile screen is much better to find the enemies by following their footprints but its really hard in the PC version. 

  1. Chance of entering bots

Boots are a burning issue in PUBG Mobiles. On average 3 to 4 boots need to face while playing, whatever the game style (solo, duo, groups). Here the PC version is safe. 

  1. Game updates

Update regularity maintained properly in both PC and Mobile as well. Still, the

updated storage in the PC version always remains bigger than the mobile one.

So, here is the comparison between the two versions of the popular battle royal PUBG game. Hope this article may help you to select a suitable version to enjoy the gaming properly.

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