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Without a Trace Witcher 3 Locked Door


Without a Trace Witcher 3 Locked Door

It seems that in the Witcher 3 quest “Without a Trace,” there is a locked door in the couple’s house that cannot be opened. Some players have reported finding the door and attempting to open it, but not being able to.

How to open locked door Witcher 3

Some players have speculated that the door may have something to do with the couple’s involvement in the disappearance of the halfling, but it is not clear what, if anything, is behind the door. Some players have also reported finding a cellar door behind the house that cannot be opened.

It is not known if this door is related to the locked door in the house or if it serves any purpose in the quest. It is possible that the locked door and the inability to open it is a bug in the game.

Witcher 3 without a trace walkthrough

In “Without a Trace,” a Witcher 3 quest, Geralt is tasked with finding the missing apprentice of an herbalist named Otto Bamber.

He follows a blood trail to the abandoned village of Erde and talks to an elderly couple living there, who tell him that the apprentice was attacked by wolves and likely killed in the woods.

Geralt can either return to Otto with this information or continue to investigate, discovering a hidden cellar with the chopped up body of the apprentice.

The elderly couple confess to collecting the body and others to eat, as they are too weak to farm and must find food somehow.

Geralt has the option to spare or kill the couple, and can also choose to lie to Otto about what happened. Depending on Geralt’s choices, the couple may be killed by alghouls or be found dead or grieving in Erde upon revisiting the village later in the game.

Witcher 3 without a trace bug

“Without a Trace” is a quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that involves tracking down a group of bandits who have been terrorizing the countryside. It is possible that you may encounter a bug while playing this quest. Some common issues that players have encountered while playing this quest include.

The “Without a Trace” quest involves confronting the old couple about the death of the halfling. However, when players try to kill the couple, they find that they have 0 HP but cannot be killed. This bug has been reported by multiple players, and it seems to occur consistently for those affected by it.

The “Without a Trace” quest bug is a frustrating issue for players, as it prevents them from completing the quest. While reloading the quest and checking for updates may offer some relief, it may be necessary to contact customer support for a more permanent solution. Hopefully, a fix will be released soon to resolve this issue for all affected players.