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Wizarding World Sorting Hat Quiz Answers – Top 8 Questions


wizarding world sorting hat quiz answers

Sorting Hat is a legendary hat in the Wizarding World. It assigns students to one of four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. This quiz depends on a student’s personality. It is a rite of passage for young witches and wizards.

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin each have unique areas of expertise within the wizarding world.

Gryffindor excels in secrets about the castle, with flying on a broomstick and Apparition and Disapparition as secondary specialties.

Ravenclaw’s strengths lie in Transfiguration and all areas of magic.

Hufflepuff’s primary focus is on magical creatures, with the ability to fly on a broomstick as a secondary skill.

Slytherin’s expertise lies in hexes, jinxes, and the arts of Apparition and Disapparition.

Online sorting quizzes claim to sort fans into their Hogwarts house based on their personality, values and preferences. These quizzes ask several questions and provide results based on answers.

Here are some answers to common questions:

  1. Dragon or unicorn pet?
  • Dragon
  1. Wild party or good book on Saturday?
  • Good book
  1. Which trait most valued: bravery, loyalty, intelligence, or cunning?
  • Bravery
  1. Fly or invisible?
  • Fly
  1. Justice or mercy more important?
  • Justice
  1. Bend rules sometimes necessary?
  • No
  1. Leader or follower?
  • Leader
  1. Knowledge above all else?
  • Yes

These answers suggest a Gryffindor sorting. Gryffindors value bravery and courage. They lead and have a strong sense of justice.

  1. Answers for First Question: dusk/dawn / river/forest / moon/stars
  2. Answers for Second Question: after you’ve died / potion / known to history / hate to be called
  3. Answers for Third Question: magical garden / boxes / flutterby bush / goblets / instrument
  4. Answers for Fourth Question: troll / which would you rather be / difficult to deal with
  5. Answers for Fifth Question: looking forward to learning / most like to study / power
  6. Answers for Sixth Question: cheating / muggle / bridge / street / road / nightmare
  7. Answers for Seventh Question:: pet
  8. Answers for Last Question: head/tails / black/white / left/right

It’s important to note that these quizzes are just for fun. The Sorting Hat considers much more than answers to a few questions. The quizzes can be a fun way to explore values and learn about the wizarding world.

How Many Questions are on the Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz

Sorting quiz format has been introduced in which each quiz consists of 8 questions drawn from a pool of 28 questions.

The first and last question have 3 possibilities each and the rest are drawn from 5 different sets of questions.