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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Deflect/Parry


In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players who intend to attack will receive a terrible surprise. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty builds on many of the ideas that Team Ninja used to develop games like Nioh, but they also use new mechanisms to give players a unique gaming experience. This means that to defeat Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players will need to become experts in defense and turn it into an attack. This entails protecting against, parrying, and avoiding assaults. This post will teach you how to parry in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to Deflect/Parry

  • Prior to collision, press the B/Circle button.

Most seasoned players will have mastered the parry or the deflect. This is a very strategic defensive move; if it is executed too soon, the player will be primed for a heavy hit. If it’s done too late, the player will be hit for obvious reasons, forcing them to run far away in search of a save point.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Deflect/Parry

Players can use a relatively innovative system in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. To deflect, players do not need to release their hold on the block button (L1). The best course of action in the event of an impending attack is to block and then deflect the blow when it comes actively.

How to Guard/Block

  • Grasp the L1 bumper.

Most minions’ attacks in the game will have their damage completely neutralized by guarding and blocking. Blocked players will occasionally receive damage from bosses and mini-bosses, but much less. Blocking for longer periods without amassing negative spirit energy is possible for those who have made the appropriate virtue investments.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Deflect/Parry

Even successful blocks will sap your spirit, so beware. The character will be momentarily startled if the bar moves to the left, which might be disastrous during a boss battle. On the plus side, holding down the block button even while assaults aren’t coming in doesn’t immediately have a negative impact, unlike in many other games.

The advantage of this defense over the other two is that it doesn’t require precise timing. Certain assaults, indicated in red, must be avoided or deflected because they will penetrate through any effort at a block.


How to parry Zhang Liang?

Stop any attacks that don’t begin with a red flash. If you still have time, use your usual X to hit him briefly with regular attacks to restore his spirit and prevent him from breaking your stance from all the damage. Parry the red strikes (default B). Simply hit dodge once, and they would connect at the perfect moment.

How do you beat Zhang Lang in Wo Long?

Rushing Zhang Liang down is the secret to defeating him on his first stage. You should enter the fight and spam light attacks as much as you can with your fast-attacking sword; this will greatly stun him and increase your spirit gauge.

What is the best weapon for the first boss in wo long?

One very powerful approach to defeat Wo Long’s first boss, Zhang Liang, is with the Polearm Podao. This is because it occasionally can breach his defenses to do a little additional harm. Its broad, sweeping strikes are also successful in taking out opposing groups.

What is the best early game armor set in Wo Long?

The Yellow Turban Champion gear is the ideal early-game armor for Wo Long players that don’t want to give any mobility. Although this armor is rather light, it offers some of the finest defense in the early game; most players should be able to equip the entire set without going over the weight restriction.

What is the best early game build in wo long fallen dynasty?

This game emphasizes aggression, so you’ll want to use the Fire Virtue as much as possible to do loads of damage on offense. On the other hand, the Wood Virtue will keep you alive with a large HP pool and healing Wizardry Spells like Absorb Vitality.

How many bosses are there in the wolong dynasty?

There are thirty Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty enemies to defeat, ranging from battles against the Three Kingdoms’ most formidable fighters to demonic creatures tainted by the elixir’s corrupting influence on ancient China. To murder them all and restore peace to the country requires courage and competence.