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How To Send A Fax From Your iPhone?


You might be on the road and catch yourself thinking that you urgently need to send or receive a fax. We suggest that you explore the possibility of installing the appropriate app in advance.

Is it difficult to send a fax from an iPhone?

We doubt that you send faxes every day from your device. But if on your trip, vacation, or in the middle of lunch, you face such a task, it is better to prepare yourself in advance. As a rule, having researched beforehand the question of how to send a fax from an iPhone, you will cope with this case quickly and efficiently.

If up to this point you have not thought about the convenience of having a reliable application on your phone, we suggest you consider this option. After all, when you are urgently trying to find out can i send a fax from my phone and whether it’s hard or not, more often than not you will lose precious time trying to clarify the question. Actually, sending a Fax from iPhone is an elementary task, especially when you already have an application that meets your needs. 

If you’re a businessman, secretary, personal assistant, or even a student, find out now how you can help yourself with the task of sending a fax.

What does the fax app offer you?

Having an app on your phone will make everyday work tasks much easier. We suggest you go through the procedure once to become a pro.

We propose to consider a simple procedure of faxing from an iPhone using this particular application and learn what it can offer us. The application was developed for IOS devices and is one of the most versatile. Given the fact that most applications work on a similar principle, we will describe below its advantages and other details.

 Easily scan documents on your iPhone

The app is available in the App Store and immediately after installation you can scan a document. Scan the paper, select this particular file and enter the data of the recipient. 

Overall, the process should not take more than 3 minutes.

Having the ability to import files is important!

Using an application that has been created with care for its user, you can easily import files of any format. This is extremely important because some of the ios apps do not support this feature. Import a document and send the file instantly.

Scan and edit yourself 

A great feature is the chance to scan and edit a document right in the app yourself. Our app has a built-in scanner, so you don’t have to do anything extra. Create your file and crop the picture the way you want. Rotate the image or change its angle. As simple as that! All the universal functions for your iPhone should be a finger’s breadth away.

Sign your documents directly in the app

The robust fax app has a built-in feature that allows you to sign documents. You can sign previously scanned documents or create a fresh document. You no longer need to look for a printer to print and sign a document! It’s easy and surprisingly fast!

Advanced features when subscribing

If you need to send a fax one time, you are free to use the free version of the app. But if sending a fax document from iphone is a daily routine for you, we recommend subscribing. The price will be minimal, but the benefit will be getting more features and tools. Create your account in the app and use all the benefits on any IOS devices.

Versatility of fax applications

From the personal experience of people who have the task of sending faxes every other day, we can safely conclude what a reliable offer should be to get yourself supported by the app for this task. 

First, among all the ios apps, you should find one that will meet your expectations and business needs. Also, check if the app has a built-in document signing feature. Sometimes the question of having this possibility becomes a critical issue. 

Go to the App Store, download the app and check how it works. We are confident that the app described above will meet your needs. Also, you’re free to explore other options to improve your workflow. Leave your feedback on the practical use of the fax app and help other users make their lives easier today.