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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor


As players make their way through Team Ninja’s action RPG, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, they will notice a steady stream of weapons and armor coming into their inventory. Upgrading weapons and armor in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is based around the blacksmith character, Zhu Xia, who is first encountered wandering the battlefields before moving to her permanent station in the Hidden Village. This article will explain you how to upgrade weapons and armor in wo long fallen dynasty:

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Where Can Weapons and Armor be Upgraded?

Beginning with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Part 2, players can improve their armor and weaponry. About midway through the first level, a female character with a big hammer will come into view for the player. When you go close to her, a ‘Talk’ prompt will appear, starting a discussion about her wish to become a blacksmith, even if she doesn’t have a permanent place to do it. This is the blacksmith Zhu Xia. Until the Hidden Village is opened, she can only be discovered in one place per stage.

How Are Weapons and Armor Upgraded?

To complete upgrades in Part 2’s three levels, the player must find Zhu Xia within the task. Although she is not concealed, players might walk right by her if players are not looking for her. Zhu will stay in the same spots if the player returns after unlocking the Hidden Village, but she will now grant access to her whole menu.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor

Zhu Xia can be located where she was before heading to the forge in Hidden Village:

  • Two Chivalrous Heroes:  Immediately following the battle with the demon Zhuyan, Zhu is discovered in the rocky hallway. The benevolent blacksmith will need to be interacted with by the player multiple times. She will launch her store following the second round of dialogue.
  • The Valley of Crying Wraiths: Zhu is located right before the first bridge. Turn around from the second battle flag on the stage to discover the blacksmith relaxing in a natural nook.
  • The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven: Just over the beginning of the stage. Zhu is impossible to miss in this instance because there are other NPCs.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor

Players can enter the Hidden Village after finishing every quest in Part 2. This region acts as a center for many significant systems. The forge is situated just beneath the beginning area, and the hamlet is composed of some small platforms. Since Zhu Xia is the only non-player character on that specific platform, she is essentially hard to miss.

How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor

To upgrade your gear, speak with Zhu Xia after your meeting and choose the Upgrade option. To improve the gear, choose it from this list and click the Upgrade button. updated armor parts offer a higher damage and Spirit damage reduction because of the increased Defense rating, while updated weapons inflict more damage (including Spirit damage) and lessen the amount of Spirit you lose when blocking or deflecting with them. Remember that upgrades do not increase an item’s rarity.

The Attack Bonuses of weapons, which are stats that dictate how the weapon scales with the Five Phase Virtues from character advancement, are notably enhanced by upgrading them. The majority of weapons have a C-scale default and may only be upgraded to an A- or A+ for Attack Bonuses.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor

You must need both Coppers and upgrade materials such as Steel (for weapons) or Leather (for armor) in order to carry out upgrades. Leather and Steel are rarer than coppers, which you may obtain by selling Zhu Xia your goods. Coppers can be earned organically over time.


What is the best early game armor in wo long?

The Yellow Turban Champion gear is the ideal early-game armor for Wo Long players that don’t want to give any mobility. Although this armor is rather light, it offers some of the finest defense in the early game; most players should be able to equip the entire set without going over the weight restriction.

What is the best light armor in Wo Long?

The greatest light armor set in the game is the Tyrant Overlord, which has excellent resistance to elemental attacks of Fire, Metal, and Water and some of the best defensive stats. Because of its light weight, it’s perfect for someone with a strong Water Build since it makes it simpler to dodge opposing attacks.

What is the best early game weapon in Wo Long?

For a long-range weapon, you should generally choose a bow rather than a crossbow. For all but the most tankiest of characters, crossbows are a bit too slow and awkward to use. The Feathered Cavalry Bow is the true early-game treasure, even if the standard Bamboo Bow will do just fine.

Is Woo Long a good game?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has several novel features, like a morale system, leaping attacks, and new approaches to magic and character customization, but it falls short of other Nioh games due to its clumsy stage designs and clunky narration.

Who is the first boss in Woo Long?

The lone boss battle in the Village of Calamity level and the first boss fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Zhang Liang, General of Man.