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Atlas Fallen – All Shard Locations


The most important items in Atlas Fallen are shards, which you can use to enhance your gauntlet and give your protagonist new powers and benefits. You cannot get Shards by exploring the island, unlike other elements in Atlas Fallen. Rather, they are only available for acquisition in-between missions. Rather, they are only available for acquisition in-between missions. You will learn about All Shard Locations in Atlas Fallen from this article:

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Where are the shards in Atlas Fallen?

The Shards are located in caverns, open spaces, and occasionally elevated locations. They are frequently unlocked through particular tasks. They might ask you to beat an Elite Sand Wraith or finish Sealing Totem time trials.

All Shard Locations

In Atlas Fallen, there are four different kinds of Shards, each with unique benefits and powers.

  • Air Dash Shards: Increase your air time and allow you to dash further in the air.
  • Unearth Shards: Allow you to dig up items like treasure boxes or crafting materials from the ground.
  • Reveal Shards: Reveal hidden materials scattered around the map.
  • Crush Shards: Allow you to smash or destroy items.

Air Dash Shards:

During the Reforging your Gauntlet quest in Caladrias, you can obtain Air Dash Shards from the following locations: Forbidden Islands.

Atlas Fallen - All Shard Locations

Unearth Shards:

In the designated areas, you can also find the Unearth Shards when completing the Reforging your Gauntlet quest.

Atlas Fallen - All Shard Locations

Reveal Shards:

You can get Reveal Shards by completing the A Bridge From the Past task. They are dispersed around the Wildlands of Monsalar.

Atlas Fallen - All Shard Locations

Crush Shards:

The Power to Reach Thalos questline in Monsalar Bastengar’s Underground contains Crush Shards.

Atlas Fallen - All Shard Locations


Where is the refined raise piece in Atlas Fallen?

The Shattered Keep Cathedral is home to the Enhanced Raised Piece.

How many shards are in Atlas fallen?

The four game maps have a total of sixteen Upgrade Shards on them. The primary plot quests involve the shards. You must gather three shards for each of the four upgrading shard quests. On the map, nevertheless, there are four shards for every task.

What are the abilities of the gauntlet in Atlas fallen?

With the gauntlet, players can pull off tricks like air dashing. By raising buried artifacts, players can uncover secret passageways and hidden areas. Players will discover “Shards” and “Catalyst Pieces” as the game advances, which enhance the gauntlet’s fighting powers even further.

What is the red company in Atlas Fallen?

In Atlas Fallen, the armor set Red Company. Red Company’s maximum power level is nine, and its base power level is six. The general defensive qualities and durability against Wraiths are determined by the Armour, which may be enhanced by employing Anvils to raise its level when sufficient Essence Dust is obtained.

What is the triptych cure in Atlas Fallen?

As long as all three of your Active Stones are on cooldown, you automatically gain some health back. In Atlas Fallen, the Triptych Cure is an Essence Stone. Classified as a Healing Stone, Triptych Cure is a Tier 2 stone.

Who is the Thelos champion in Atlas Fallen?

In Atlas Fallen, the Champion of Thelos is an Elite Colossal Wraith. It is the final boss in the main quest, The Battle of Gods, and can be found in Thelos’ Shrine in the Black Alms.