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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Access Storehouse


Players can take on various tasks and quests in the fabled setting of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as they develop their fighting abilities and find uncommon weapons to employ in combat. The treasure system in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty allows the player to acquire new goods regularly. Regretfully, it doesn’t tell the player the storeroom is there. By reading this article, you may learn how to enter the storeroom in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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What is the Storehouse in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the Storehouse is a useful inventory mechanism for users. It has the advantage of a storehouse that can hold up to 2000 goods but only allows players to have 500 items in their inventory simultaneously. Players can thus utilize their resources and any item they find.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Access Storehouse

Thanks to this, Players are given more space in their inventory and can also store goods for potential future use. Players may maximize their gaming experience by using this method to ensure no resources are wasted.

How to Access the Storehouse

Players have to go back to the Hidden Village in order to enter the storeroom. Return to the town and pay the Blacksmith a visit at the forge. Engaging with her will cause the multi-level menu to appear. The player will always see a prompt at the top right of the screen that alternates between the storeroom inventory and the main inventory, regardless of which area they select. What the player has stored will be displayed.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Access Storehouse

The player can navigate to any section, check each item they want to move by clicking Y/Triangle, press A/X, and select ‘Send to Storehouse’ to add it. The player will be able to free up space in their inventory—which has a 500 item limit—by doing this. With 2000 goods allowed, the player will have more than enough room in the storehouse for one game.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Access Storehouse

How to Use the Storehouse

You must perform a few things before you may access the storeroom in the game. You won’t have to worry about running out of inventory once you access this storage function! Players must first beat Zhuyan, the massive gorilla boss they face in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, in order to access the storehouse. Once Zhuyan is defeated, you can talk to Zhu Xia, an NPC close to the boss fight location.


How do you get to the storehouse in how long fallen dynasty?

To switch to the storeroom view, press the X button on the Xbox or the square button on the PlayStation. This implies that pressing this button will cause players to examine the contents of their storehouse instead of their inventory. To return to the inventory view, press the button once again.

Can you remake your character in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

You’ll eventually have the chance to alter your appearance and respec your character in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. They both need seeing the same NPC and unlock simultaneously. All you have to do is take down the (perhaps) hardest boss initially.

Can you replay levels in wo long?

You will be able to move at a Battle Flag, not a Marker Flag. You can play through side missions, find a replayable tutorial, and revisit earlier game portions in this way.

Who is the first boss in the wo long dynasty?

The lone boss battle in the Village of Calamity level and the first boss fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Zhang Liang, General of Man. He is going to be the hardest monster you have faced so far, and he will really test your skills and knowledge of the game’s fundamentals.

Can you reset your points in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Turn around as soon as you arrive and proceed into the large mansion located at the highest point of the settlement. Zuo Ci will be seated behind a little table on the ground. You can spend Accolades, reset parameters, and alter your appearance when you speak with him. Finally, you can redistribute skill points.