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You Can Now Make Extra Cash from Your Phone Thanks to Technology; Learn How


Millions of people play casinos worldwide. In fact, according to the World Financial Review, about 1.6 billion people play at a casino at least once a month.

Now you can play at the best casinos, including Casino Neon Vegas, from the comfort of your home as long as you have a smartphone.

How it Works 

Traditional casinos come in two forms. The first kind, where most casino houses fall, are physical buildings where patrons show up to play games in person. The other option is online casinos played on computers. Traditional online casinos are essentially websites where players register and can thereafter login to play. Each user has a unique user name and password.

Mobile casinos are slightly different. They come in the form of dedicated apps that you can download from the major app stores. Once you download the app, you’re required to sign up (or sign in if you already have an account with the casino house).

Alternatively, you can download the app from the casino’s website. This especially applies to casinos whose apps haven’t been accepted on the Android and Apple app stores.

Advantages of Downloadable Apps vs. In-Browser Casinos

Although in-browser casinos are quite popular too, downloadable mobile casinos are currently the talk of the town for the following reasons;

1. Convenience

Mobile casinos come with a level of convenience never seen before. Unlike browser casinos that require players to search the web every time they want to play; mobile casinos reside within your phone. So all you have to do whenever you want to play is locate the app on your phone and tap it. Moreover, some casino apps allow you to sign in with fingerprint scans, so you don’t have to input your username and password every time you want to play.

  2. Better performance 

Studies show that apps perform much better than web-based resources. Specifically, apps are multiple times faster than websites. The main reason is that apps store data on your phone, whereas browsers generally store data on the host’s server thousands of miles away. This means that retrieving web content takes significantly longer than app data. Apps are also more intuitive than web browsers. Thus, players are guaranteed a more enjoyable experience.

3. Better support 

It often goes without notice, but apps get better support than web-based resources. For example, whenever you experience an issue with your casino app, the company will attend to you faster than if playing on a browser. The main reason is that apps are easier to maintain as companies have greater control over app content. Additionally, reporting is much easier in apps than web browsers.

4. More features 

Finally, players are also guaranteed more features on the app than when playing from a browser. For instance, you may notice that a casino house supports more payment solutions on the app than the browser. There are many reasons why. For one, third-party integration is much easier with apps than with web-based solutions. The developer may only need to add a line of code to complete the integration. Additionally, apps give developers more “real estate” to express themselves.

Popular Payment Solutions for in-App Casinos 

If you’re wondering whether mobile casinos support the world’s most popular payment solutions, the answer is a big – yes! Indeed, as we’ve mentioned, mobile casinos tend to support even more payment options than web-based casinos. However, the three most common payment options on mobile casinos are;

  • Skrill 

Skrill is the most popular payment solution among gamblers, and for a good reason – it keeps transaction details private. This is vital in an industry where players frequently face government sanctions and other forms of discrimination. Skrill keeps your transactions completely private, so you’re not answerable to anyone.

Beyond privacy, it’s also a very reliable platform. It processes payments within seconds and works with many banks globally to facilitate direct transfers.

  • Neteller

Neteller is another excellent e-wallet. Although it’s most popular in Europe, it has millions of users in Asia, specifically India. One of the main benefits of Neteller is that it automatically converts local currencies to recognized international currencies so you can play at any casino globally. Their exchange rates are also very attractive.

Neteller is currently available in over 200 countries and encrypts casino transactions for end-to-end security.

  • Paysafe 

Finally, with increased scrutiny on gambling in many countries, many players are turning to the ever-reliable Paysafe for mobile casino transactions.

Paysafe is slightly different from other payment solutions. You simply go to an outlet and purchase a card for the desired amount. The cards are available in different currencies and amounts, from $10 to $100. Then you can load the money to your PaySafe account and start spending it.


Now you know how to get started with mobile casinos. It can be a delightful experience once you get going.