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10 Relaxing Games to Play Online


Gaming provides a serene pastime activity if you choose the game options different from the common games full of violence that flood the video games market. You can get college homework help online to offer you various games and the effects they can have on an individual. Here are some relaxing online games that are highly advisable when you seek blissful escapism from the real world.

  1. Flow

It provides a relaxing experience as you swim around a blue gloop while eating tiny organisms.  The game provides an exceptional experience, and the simplistic design of the background music makes you feel enthusiastic as your creature grows when it keeps consuming the other tiny creatures.

  1. Home sheep home

The game has been designed to get you hooked as you try making the character Timmy, Shaun, and Shirley of different bodyweight to a barn using various equipment such as a wing, steps, switches, and see-saws, among others. Everything about the game feels natural and works under a physics engine that’s educative.

  1. Flower reaction

The game is all about bouncing flowers that keep blooming as they bounce and bump onto each other. The idea of the dame is getting the longest chain reaction and blooming, making the game relaxing.

  1. Casanova

The game is funny as all you do is control your mouse that acts as another giraffe in the direction that it can kiss another giraffe moving in a different direction. The 1970s sitcom theme that plays in the background makes the game adorable.

  1. Little wheel

The game is relaxing, coupled with the soundtrack of slinky jazz in the background. All you need to do is move your robot to the other side of town to get points.

  1. Sleeping tiger jigsaw

The game is easily addictive and best if you seek a challenge in solving a jigsaw puzzle. When you put the rightful pieces next to each other, the snap sound keeps it interesting as you enjoy your cup of tea.

  1. Drifting afternoon

The game looks more like a watercolor painting making it more interesting than any common game. All you do is use your mouse to control the movement of your puppy or kitten over balloons in a timed session. The experience is breezy with no guns or violence.

  1. Bejeweled

It is a simple game requiring swapping pairs of jewels to create a sequence of up to five identical jewels.  The matched ones disappear as you earn points and are replaced by the above jewels.

  1. Fireboy and watergirl

The game requires you to move the Fireboy and Watergirl through various challenges till you get to the end of the game. There are various setbacks such as see-saw running and box-pushing to overcome.

  1. Echogenesis

The game has a natural setting in forests and swamps with nature sounds you can interact with. The graphics are beautiful and offer a great experience with a relaxing theme.


There are various online video games that you can get very engaging and relaxing. Identifying what you enjoy most is critical to have relaxing evenings and calm nights. You can enjoy these games and have a different experience from that in violent video games.