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10 Skills You Need to Become a Front End Developer in 2022


With the advancements in technology, digitalization is certainly inevitable. Digitalization has a lot of obvious advantages. Not only does it facilitate ease of communication outside boundaries but it also offers easy accessibility to information. Hence, the invention of a wide array of web and mobile applications.

A front end developer bridges the gap between design and technology by putting the back end into a user-friendly format for a better software delivery. Thus, entrusting such a critical aspect of web development to a reputable software development company with a team of experts including front end developers is a good idea.

In every website or online application, there is a portion in which users interact. As you probably notice, a website or app displays a welcome page, site map, menu and other things that help users to navigate and use it. The term used to describe these items is the frontend.The delight and simplicity users get while using an app is due to the fruits of front end developers labor. 

Additionally, if you aspire to be one of front end developers, you need to learn a number of software skills in order to effectively focus on the user environment and experience.

Top 10 Skills of a Front End Developer

Here are the top technical skills that a front end developer must have.


Most jobs in the computer industry require the fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS. These are rather basic, and a front end developer’s job description will include these as a necessity. HTML and CSS are required to master the language of web development.


JavaScript is another essential skill for any front end developer. Javascript is a programming language used to make a website functional. It is the tool you need if you want to add interactive features to your website, such as games, music and video, and page animations.

CSS and JavaScript Frameworks

Frameworks for CSS and JavaScript are collections of CSS or JS files that combine functionality to execute a variety of tasks. With this, you start with a code file that already contains a lot of JavaScript, rather than an empty text document.

Responsive Design

Without any further effort on the user’s part, a web page adapts to the device used. It is mainly due to responsive design. Understanding the principles of responsive design and how to implement them in code is one of the most important tasks of a front end developer.

CSS Preprocessing

Simple CSS may become redundant and repetitive when a project becomes more sophisticated, as codes will have to be created every time, which takes a lot of time. Fortunately, this problem is solved through CSS preprocessing, which is a skill that any good front end developer should have in their arsenal.

Version Control/Git

This is a valuable skill that allows a front end developer to provide a solution that is tailored to the client’s needs. Many unplanned modifications or problems may occur during the project’s development. Without having to start over, version control allows you to repair problems or make necessary modifications without having to start from scratch.

Testing Debugging

To keep bugs out of any project, testing is essential. As a result, a front end developer must be able to debug and test code using a variety of testing approaches.

Browser Developer Tools

The browser is the link between your website and its users. Thus, the website you create must be compatible with the browser. The browser which includes developer tools makes your website work automatically by interpreting the codes. You’ll need to know how to use browser development tools in order to work as a front-end developer.

Web Performance

The ability to ensure that the user experience is outstanding is known as web performance. It is essentially the time it takes for your website to load. Users will undoubtedly be dissatisfied with the experience if it is too slow. So, as a front end developer, you’ll be expected to know how to employ tools to improve web performance.

Command Line

In both web development and coding, graphical user interface (GUI) are crucial. For some applications, however, an all-purpose GUI will have its drawbacks. To get what you need, you may have to open a terminal on your computer where you can input commands or command lines.