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4 of the Best Apps for Planning Photoshoots


A picture speaks a thousand words. We have heard this line all our life. Photography is a skill and not a cup of tea for many. Clicking images of the sea while going past the country-side roads just for memory cannot be called photography unless it expresses a story. That is what every photographer aims to achieve, to tell a beautiful story without the use of words. They let the human mind interpret possibilities and let their mind wander into the beauty of thoughts.

If you have done a bit of photography, you might know the efforts that go before the shoot. It is like a jig-saw puzzle where everything needs to be at the right place before completion. To aid you in setting up a perfect environment, we tell you the top 4 apps that will be useful in some way or the other.

Before we delve into this, there is a post-shoot app that would be extremely helpful to you. It is the Bangla Keyboard App. It is a Bengali typing keyboard which has a lot of features that go beyond simple typing. With the help of this Bengali Keyboard app, you can find amazing captions from its ready-to-use library or compose them yourself with the fast Bengali keyboard Online.

If you to create a collection of your work, you can convert your photos into stickers using the Bengali Keyboard Apk. It also has hundreds of already existing stickers that you can use in your photo editing too. Coming back to the collection, partnerships with the keyboard is possible which allows you to reach many people. It is the highest-rated app for Bengali typing on Android. Very much so, it is the best amongst the keyboard, like you, the reader, are best amongst photographers.

  1. Intervalometer

An intervalometer is an automation app for time-lapse to trigger a camera shutter in any camera app with a user-configured time interval. The normal time-lapse mode in most smartphones only allows auto exposure without additional controls on exposure settings and RAW format.

Intervalometer works with any camera mode in any camera apps including light-painting mode, HDR, night mode, manual mode, telephoto, or ultra-wide angle mode to capture a series of time-lapse image frames. This app works like an actual intervalometer for smartphones, it automates camera shutter triggering and it works on Android 7 and above.

It can also be used with dedicated camera remote apps from Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc to trigger the shutter button in the camera’s remote app. This acts as an actual intervalometer for dedicated cameras too.

  1. Google Maps

This app is probably already installed on everyone’s phone, but it has several lesser-known features that make it a great tool for planning to click photos.

With a synced Google account, one can save locations via dropped pins or Google My Maps on the desktop. When researching a destination, one can create a master list of places that they would like to visit. This can include anything from specific vistas and trailheads to well-regarded restaurants. One can then attach notes about the time of day to visit or what equipment one should bring. With that info preloaded, one can view the maps under “Your Places” in the app and instantly know what is nearby or how to get to it.

With the help of Google Maps, one can easily find spots where they can click beautiful pictures and then later save the location if they ever want to visit again. It’s like a place bookmark for photographers, which makes it easier for them to track where they clicked a photo or plan a new photoshoot.


Finally, the satellite imagery and terrain mapping is a nice bonus, as it doesn’t require a separate app or subscription.

  1. Stellarium Free

This app labels objects in the night sky. It also allows you to see the stars at any point in history and as other cultures view the heavens. Stellarium has an easy-to-navigate interface. Point your Phone anywhere in the night sky and constellations appear. Tap on a star or constellation, and more information will appear. Stellarium lets you zoom in for a closer look or zoom out for a 360-degree view of the sky.

Stellarium doesn’t have augmented reality, but this isn’t a deal-breaker. Where this app shines is the ability to find deep space objects. It will even pair with your telescope. With the help of this app, one can easily predict when stars are going to be visible in the sky. This makes it easy for night and space photography too.

  1. PhotoPills

PhotoPills is the quintessential photography planning app. It has numerous features. This is a purpose-built tool for photographers, and it shows. Most of the features include the sun and moon planning tools. The augmented reality support is the killer feature.

It overlays the path of celestial objects right on a live view from the phone’s camera. This makes planning shots a lot easier than trying to imagine 38 degrees of elevation at a bearing of 265 degrees, which is all some competing resources provide as guidance. The app also includes many calculators, including DoF, hyperfocal, star trails, and spot stars. These can be customized based on the camera and lens in use.