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5 Assassin’s Creed Origins tips for everyone


If you think you know every thing about Assassins Creed Origins, think again. There are a lot of secrets that you may not know yet. Our tips will guide you about a lot of things from sneaking up on your enemies to traveling fast around the big map. These 5 tips will make your life easier in the hostile environment of ancient Egypt.

Whistle: There are two types of whistling in AC Origins. One is used to call your mount while the other is for distracting or alerting enemies. Second one can be used in many scenarios. Against a high-level enemy, it is better to drain his health bar with an assassin’s attack from behind and then you can finish him off easily.

Crafting items: A lot of animals roam around in the beautiful country. You often confront with wild animals like Crocodiles, Lions and Hyenas. Killing them will get you skins and leather. These resources are used in crafting and upgrading. You should try to kill maximum number of animals that come in your way. Even if you don’t feel the need of having some extra leather in your stock, collect it. There will be times when you will be thankful for this.

Weapon Perks:  Weapons are categorized into three levels: Basic, Rare and Legendary. Keep an eye out for those rare and legendary weapons because they offer highest amount of damage. Legendary shields, bows and swords will have special abilities engraved. For instance, Deathstorm, a legendary bow is continuously on fire. It will convert your normal arrows into fire arrows. There are also some cursed weapons which deal very high damage to the enemies. A downfall equipping cursed item is that your health bar is reduced to single block only. So, if you are confident fighting your enemies with reduced health; you will love cursed weapons.

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