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5 Best Gaming Laptops for Students 2022


Gaming is one of the favorite pastimes for students these days. Most of them invest in good gaming laptops to keep themselves up to date on the latest games. According to Forbes, gaming has significantly risen in the past year than it did ever before. Gaming laptops have always been popular and with technological advancements have been offering some of the best features. However, students also need to buy laptops on a fixed budget. Here are some good and cost-effective gaming laptops for students in 2022.

The AORUS 15G is a very popular laptop for gamers. This is because it has a great performance. One of the distinct features of the laptop is that it has longer battery life. The refresh rate is 240 Hz and has very high speeds because of its fast processors. The laptop comes with a powerful graphics card that helps to improve the visuals and allows you to experience an amazing gaming experience. Overall, the features are great, and they make it an ideal laptop for gamers that is also budget-friendly. So, this has to be on top of the list. Since, it is best for multitasking, so it gives pro gamers an immersive gaming experience.

M17 Alienware New

To avoid the challenges that come with a laptop that is not designed for gaming can be frustrating. It is necessary to have a powerful laptop to get a good gaming experience. So, we recommend the Alienware New M17 laptop. The best feature of this laptop is its fantastic cooling system. Apart from its sleek design, this laptop has the latest technology of dual exhaust flow so that heat is dispersed. It also requires no updates because of its fast processor. In a nutshell, it is a great choice for gamers without going too beyond their budget.

MSI G75 Stealth

For gamers, gaming is a big deal. They need the best possible features to beat their opponent. This laptop has an elegant design. Another feature that matters is the performance. This laptop comes with some of the best features. It offers a smooth gaming experience. The display is phenomenal and has a 17.3-inch display with a smooth touchpad and comfortable keyboard. So, apart from gaming, you can easily type out your college essays too. If you have trouble writing essays, you can always choose a writing service and compare essay writing services to find the best one for your assignments. The MSI G75 Stealth also has 32 GB RAM, so you can run and store rigorous games.

GX701 Zephyrus

If you have a laptop that lags and the performance is compromised, then you may not have the most wonderful gaming experience. This laptop is specifically designed for experienced gamers. The display is 17 inches and the design is sleek and stylish. One of its distinct features is the 1080p webcam which can be detached. You can see a space on the top of the keyboard which ensures that there is proper ventilation and avoids overheating. It is specially designed for gaming visuals and content creation because of its Pantone validated colors. In a nutshell, for experienced gamers, this can be an ideal option.

Pro 17 Razor Blade

Razor is popular for its laptops for gamers. They have some of the most amazing features and the demand for their laptops has grown over the years. The colored, large display ensures that gamers get the best gaming visuals and an immersive gaming experience. IT is extremely durable as well as looks aesthetic. The laptop has 16 GB RAM to run and store heavier games and multitask. One of the features that differentiate these laptops is that they can be used as a workstation for mobile as well. The laptop also has a good value for money, so it is a good option for students.


Many students are in search of gaming laptops to relax after their studies. It is a good leisure activity. However, they may lack the budget that is required to get one. This article gives you the 5 best options for a gaming laptop which may not be very heavy on your pocket.