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5 Creative Memorial Service Ideas


There’s nothing more heart wrenching than dealing with the loss of someone close to you. As you grieve, some arrangements need to be prepared, informing people of the sad news, affairs that need to be in order. During these tough times, memorial services are seen as an important occasion to say the last rites to the deceased. To make it more memorable for the departed soul, family members witness this as an important opportunity to bid the last farewell.

Here we’ve compiled a few creative memorial service ideas whether it’s for cremation or burial. 

1. Colourful Bouquets

Funeral flowers are available in variants of colours, shapes and styles. Tradition wise, the flowers should be white for memorial services. But nowadays, many people use colourful flowers to honour the deceased one. If you want to be unique and creative, go for colourful flowers or you may choose neutral tones. It’s entirely up to you. In memorial service, people bring flowers as an important sign of paying the last respect and honouring the dead.

2. Engraved Image on Cremation urns/Burial Tombstone

For cremation, a different way to turn the cremation urn into more memorable is to have a portrait laser engraved with the memorial picture of the deceased onto the urn. This will be a good keepsake for your dear one and whenever you look at it, it’ll remind you of the old times. As for burial, you can engrave a memorial picture of the deceased onto the tombstones honouring the dead.

3. Favourite Quotation Board

If your loved one had a favourite quote or something that the deceased said made a positive impact on your life, then why not make something out of it? It’s time to be a little creative and unique. To put it, make a favourite quotation board and display those valuable phrases on a large board or a large piece of card or any kind of background. An emotional yet unique tribute to a memorial service that’s simple and affordable.

4. Burn Candles Honouring The Departed

Some people burn aromatic candles in the memorial service as certain smells still linger that remind them of the deceased. While some people light candles (doesn’t necessarily have to be aromatic) during the service honour the departed. 

5. Paintings and Artwork

There’s nothing more memorable and perishable by a family than having a painting made of your dear one can be a keepsake or a loving tribute as it adds a personal touch of that day. 

In conclusion, a memorial service takes place after the demise and disposition have happened. Family members arrange to hold a private memorial service where friends or relatives gather for those who couldn’t attend the funeral. Memorial service is conducted after a few days of the actual burial or cremation. 


If you’re a family of the deceased and don’t have much idea arranging a memorial service, we suggest you reach out to X Funerals. They have been in service for decades, they will provide you with the best assistance and provide you with all the information you require. 

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