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The Release of Impish Indris on Desktops Everywhere by Ubuntu 21.10


Ubuntu 21.10

You would be wrong to think that Windows is the only operating system with a new version to show off. The Debian-based Linux distribution, Ubuntu, has just released version 21.10 i.e. Impish Indris, and it has quite changed a lot.

What are the some changes in the new version 21.10 (Impish Indris)?

Both new and seasoned Linux users widely choose Ubuntu. There’s a new shell (Gnome 40) to see with Ubuntu 21.10. Instead of a blank desktop, this new shell starts up with new Activities. The favourites bar looks more like a Mac OS dock than it ever looked. Also it’s now at the bottom of the screen. Despite its tweaking, the app launcher slides in from the left of the screen, and the work spaces, i.e. the virtual desktops, turn into thumbnails while you’re using it. You can also notice rounded corners on Gnome apps, windows, and the workspace switcher.

Work spaces look different now as compared to how they looked before the new version because they have themselves moved from a vertical design to a horizontal one. Moreover, in the new version 21.10 (Impish Indris), work spaces can be navigated with new touch-pad gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Apart from that, a clever new randomization of the kernel stack in memory is used to enhance the security at each system-call entry on both the amd64 and arm64 architectures. A minimal impact on performance is claimed with it. Kernel Electric Fence supports the runtime memory error detector.

In the new version 21.10 (Impish Indris), there are a great many tweaks at some other places and these tweaks make this look like a release targeted at developers. Moreover, there is also immediate compatibility with Windows Subsystem for Linux, and on the other hand, PHP gets an update to version 8. And also, with front-ends for C and C++ among other languages, the GNU Compiler Collection moves to version 11.

Impish Indris

The new snap package of Apache Cassandra

There’s the new snap package of Apache Cassandra to appreciate if you like AI or machine learning. Moreover, there’s also a snap for Firefox as well latest and the extended support release versions of the browser.

First choice for AI/ML Workloads

Ubuntu has always been the first choice for AI/ML workloads. Impish Indris has some exciting updates for engineers worldwide. Ubuntu 21.10 offers a new snap package of Apache Cassandra that offers its user to enable DataOps teams for setting up a cluster of Cassandra.

Is Impish Indris is a Long Term Support Version of the OS?

No, it’s not a Long Term Support version of the OS. But according to the new the final interim release before the next LTS is due in April, 2022. If you want to see an image for Ubuntu 21.10, it is available on Amazon ECR Public Registry as well as on the Docker Hub. Moreover, you can also download it. You can either download it from the site or you can update your current installation as well.

The Final Words

So, this was all about the new version of Linux that you can show off, besides the new updated version of Windows. Moreover, the Ubuntu 21.10 new version (Impish Indris) looks like a big lemur.