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6 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Help Your Business


Lead Generation

Lead is known as the interest shown by the customer towards your business. It could be simply a contact number or email ID along with the name. The process of lead generation involves collecting the information from the customer in return for providing the free guide or a free webinar. Here as a service provider, you get permission to communicate to the customer who has shared the email ID with you.

Lead generation is a process that involves filling the sales funnel of your business with the people who are interested in your business.

As a business or organization, you always think of various ways and strategies to generate a b2b leads database, especially when it is a startup.

Creating the opt-in opportunities

Opt-in opportunities give you more possibilities to capture the data from the customers. More the opt-ins, higher would be the amount of data. Make sure to turn your blog post or social media post into the opt-in page.

Here you can give away a lot of free stuff, such as PFD, checklist, resource guides, etc., in return for opt-in information. You can place the opt-in box out of the sidebar and force the user to make the decision. According to the experts, this strategy has increased the conversion by 32%. Many lead generation experts like follow this strategy.

Keep testing

What worked for others may not work for you. Hence it is always important to test each of your strategies before the final implementation. Experts always recommend going for split testing of any two strategies to decide on the best one between two. You can test the text, images, offers, and even the landing page designs to decide on the right combination.

Clear and easy to take action landing pages

A landing page is an important factor since it is used to capture the lead or the data of the prospective customer. A landing page generally consists of an offer, a catchy headline, and the call-to-action button. Nowadays, most marketers prefer to include video as a lead magnet on the landing page.

You can create a short video of around 3 minutes about the product or the service that you wish to sell. There are various tools available online which can help to set up the landing page easily in simply 30 minutes without any technical skills.

Draft better ads

Paid ads have become the need of the hour when it comes to lead generation. Facebook Ads and Google Ads have become an integral part of the lead generation strategy that can assure better results in a short span.

Writing better ad copies will certainly help to increase the click-through ratio of your advertisement campaign and provide you with better-performing ads on a lower budget. An ad with a higher click-through rate also results in a great quality score.

Promote best offers

There is a ton of scope for improvement in terms of advertisement conversion. Some of the top landing pages provide a conversion rate of 3 to 5 times. One of the best ways to do it is by offering better offers. Apart from this, you can also make changes in terms of font type, button color, etc. You can also run trial offers. These types of offers have shown proven results in terms of increased conversion.

Get the maximum out of remarketing

Remarketing is known as one of the best strategies for lead generation. It helps to tag the visitor and get back again in front of them when they search for a similar product or service or any other activities like checking emails, watching videos, etc. Remarketing helps to turn the abandoners into the leads.

According to the stats, around 97% of the people tend to leave the shopping page during the active session without even placing the order. Remarketing helps to target those abandoned users and promote the new offers in front of them to increase the conversion. Due to this, we can see many online websites and eCommerce stores using the remarketing strategy aggressively.