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7 Accessories That Make Your Old 4wd Brand New Again


4wd accessories

It’s never too late to dazzle up your life and the things that surround you! Remember your first car and the first time you sat in it? Remember the bubbling burst of joy inside you? Has that feeling been gone for a while now?

With the passage of time, wear-and-tear causes your car to be rebranded as old and when the monotony of life catches on, the urge to rebuild and regroup emerges.

So, to bring the glam back, here are 7 accessories that will give a new life to your 4-wheel drive yet again:

  1. Wheels and Tyres

One of the simplest and most noticeable upgrades to your 4wd will be a change of wheels and tyres.

Apart from the added glam, new tyres will provide a better grip for braking and acceleration. A steering wheel takes directional control and tyres take over the stability factor. Together, these upgrades would definitely alter the feel of your vehicle. The added extra comfort and smoothness in your journey will definitely make you applaud this investment.

  1. Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Global Positioning System allows accurate deduction of geographical locations.

Whilst, packing everything up and getting lost in the woods sounds more appealing than it should, getting lost isn’t fun at all. With a GPS installed in your car, your path is defined and your destination gets clearer. It even informs you about the traffic and weather conditions along the way and helps you decide on the most appropriate route.

Moreover, it is of great use when it comes to crime & security. So, without further ado, get a GPS to navigate you to your destination!

  1. Vehicle Snorkel

A Vehicle Snorkel is akin to a breathing organ for your automobile!

The Air Intake Snorkel ensures an uninhibited air supply to the engine to complete the fuel combustion cycle. The engine uses air to combust fuels, however, in waterlogged areas or sandy dunes, these constituents clog the air supply. Here’s when the snorkel comes in to save the day.

Now, let’s come to the exhalation part of the process.

When wading through waterlogged areas, there is a possibility that water could enter through the exhaust pipe and kill the engine. Here’s when the Exhaust Snorkel comes into play. It prevents the water from entering the pipe and seizing the engine!

This addition not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds years to the engine’s life.

  1. Sound System

Amp up the vibe of your vehicle by simply investing in a good music system!

There’s not much to say here, just get a good audio sound system, let the music play, and let your body sway!

We’ll now let the music do our talking!

  1. Performance Chassis

We brainstormed the breathing organs, now it’s the Skeletal System’s turn. The main purpose of the supporting frame of your automobile’s structure is to hold the mechanical components and the body in place.

An improved chassis would elevate the comfort and control over your wheeled vehicle, and help make a smooth transition while off-roading by supporting the framework. Remember, Skeletons in the Closet and an unsupportive Chassis only invite trouble!

  1. Tube Door Kits

When one door closes, another opens! But what if we say that we could open all doors for you? Sounds quite appealing, doesn’t it?

Investing in Tube Door Kits does exactly that for you. They replace our wheeled vehicle gates with a striking and stunning metal tube door outline, which guarantees openness without compromising the safety of the passengers.

Extra Appeal! Extra Freedom! Extra Thrill! A win-win reform!

  1. Lights & Accessories

Having saved the best for the last, we now propose LED light additions to your drive. The additions could be positioned on the bumper or the roof, in the interior, or on the hood; but they pledge to rejuvenate the entire experience of your vehicle.

Moreover, for an even lively experience, we recommend 4wd accessories from Australia Wide to revitalize your driving affair.

Light up!

Over to you…

For a new and invigorating 4wd, purchasing an entirely new one does not make sense anymore. Splurge into these accessories and you’ll repossess the gratification you so badly desire.

Say hello to your advanced and exciting new drive!

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