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10 Reasons to Buy a Toyota Corolla


Corolla 2021 red colour

The Toyota Corolla is known as one of the best-selling models all over the globe. The vehicle is a global favourite and is a best seller for Toyota across the world. It is believed that the Corolla makes up every 1 vehicle out of 5 sold by Toyota. This is a major achievement, considering the broad vehicle range on offer by the vehicle manufacturer and the overall sales numbers it produces.

The all new Toyota Corolla 2021 model comes with a number of improvements and is much appreciated by drivers and critics alike. Drivers have critically approved the performance and interior of the new generation, and have given it the thumbs up required.

In this article, we look at ten reasons why you should get your hands on the all new Toyota Corolla for 2021. Stick with us as we take you through them.

  1. Affordable and Reliable Car for Commute 

While the latest Corolla has improved on almost all fronts, it is still an affordable vehicle that beats a number of other options when it comes to value for money. The prices for the base Corolla model start at a convenient rate and offer a good deal for a car that offers both quality and precision on the roads.

The estimated maintenance costs of the car are also on the lower side, which goes to prove just how effective it is on the roads. Since the Corolla has a reputation for being dependable on the roads, drivers can ride the car without experiencing a single stop on their journeys.

  1. Great for Extra Cargo 

People who have an active lifestyle and go around visiting places will definitely like the hatchback variant of the all new Toyota Corolla. From scuba gear to backpacks, you can fit a lot of extra stuff inside the hatchback version.

College students can easily haul their dorm supplies within the hatchback as well to go around shifting spaces whenever they want. The standard model comes with 18 cubic feet of space. The new cargo space model for 2021 comes with 24 cubic feet of space and has replaced the spare wheel with a tire repair kit to add more space.

  1. Better Performance 

The all new Corolla model provides good performance on the roads. While the previous generation was blasted for its sluggish performance, the new generation is all about making amends and corrections. The standard 1.8 litre engine provides durability and gives long-term performance.

  1. Fun Models 

Enthusiasts looking for more fun on their wheels will like the all-new Apex Corolla model. The model offers good performance on the wheels and has power under the hood. The car remains balanced in tricky turns and maneuvers.

  1. Stylish 

The all-new Toyota Corolla does have class and one cannot deny that. The vehicle comes with an amazing exterior design and has a good, powerful engine to take smooth turns. The 18-inch powerful wheels can help improve the performance of the vehicle and give a good account of the car’s power.

  1. Good on Gas 

Drivers looking to save fuel will be glad to know that the Corolla is good on gas. The vehicle gives up to 30 miles per gallon in city traffic and over 38 miles per gallon when travelling at highway speeds. These are insane figures.

  1. Simple and Updated Infotainment System 

The all-new 2021 Corolla comes with a simple and modern infotainment system. The simple design of Toyota’s infotainment system speaks for itself and leaves no stone unturned as far as durability and reliability are concerned.

  1. Safety Features 

The all-new Toyota Corolla features a number of exciting safety features. The five star overall safety rating is an indication of how well the Corolla is equipped to handle tricky turns and accidents. The accident avoidance mechanism is thorough and quite extensive.

  1. Standard Features for the Base Level 

The base level for the Corolla comes with a number of standard features. Some of the features, including accident avoidance and voice recognition are available on the base level. The interior design and features mostly remain the same.

  1. JBL Premium Sound System 

The JBL premium sound system is definitely a good reason to get your hands on the all-new Toyota Corolla. The model comes equipped with a quality sound system that delivers premium output for years to come.

There are many reasons to buy a new 2021 Toyota Corolla, and we believe we have summed them down for you in this article. Get your hands on the vehicle and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

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