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7 Reasons Why to Use 3D Modeling in Product Design


Displaying a product in 3D will be a good substitute for an effective presentation. It is also suitable for posting new ideas for new goods to other the firms or future clients. This approach makes it possible to instantly make changes in the event of new ideas. It can also be used when minor or major changes are needed. Our 3d product modeling company will give you answers to your questions.

Modeling can significantly expand the capabilities of a marketing company when promoting its goods. There is an opportunity to apply technologies in the process of use in applications, which will allow buyers to interact with the product model, and then reassemble. In addition, the info contained in this models is available for use in the automation of all production processes.

1. Prototyping

In some cases, this models are suitable for making products prototypes, allow you to evaluate the design, conceptual idea, details, estimate production costs and other features. A model can be make from a hand drawing or a previously created 2D sketch for this purpose.

2. Accurate measurements

State of the art 3D modeling software can be used to show dimensions of the project being created in relation to different subjects. This scale of products provides an opportunity for potential buyers to imagine what dimensions the good will have, whether it’ll be big or not big, after it is completely completed.

3. Full view

The ability to rotate the product 360 degrees for viewing, allows you to examine it in detail from any side, see the smallest details, and also better prepare for the production process, as well as packaging. The good, presented in one design, allows you to examine it in detail at any production stage. This is necessary to conduct his presentation. Modern 3D demonstrations let you zoom in and out, and view it from angles, achieve great visual expression.

4. Marketing and advertising

Photorealistic models created are already ready for production, it is possible to insert them into various demonstration, commercial or advertising campaigns in order to effectively promote. More companies are ready to take advantage of and use this content in advertising campaigns, as well as Marketing and promotions.

5. Animation that grabs attention

Well-created animation of the goods allows you to get the effect of an exploding bomb, this is a guarantee the success of your marketing campaign. This approach allows you to correctly demonstrate what qualities of the created product, and what benefits clients will receive when the good is available for use.

6. Manufacturing

This modeling is a alternative when automating production processes. The info stored in this models can be directly transferred to the equipment, this allows production to be started in automatic mode and guarantees maximum accuracy.

7. What is 3D-Ace

This is a special firm. Its main task is to create 3D content. It generates accurate models and creates a variety of animations. They are used in various fields. For example, in automotive, architecture, etc.

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