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8 Golfing Trends to Follow in 2023


Several golfing trends have picked up in popularity, and we will likely see its continued growth in 2023. The golf industry continues to evolve, and we should see an exciting year ahead of us as more and more millennials make up a larger portion of golfers. You have much to keep an eye on, from new equipment and course design to golf apparel and technology. 

Trend #1: More Technology

Research shows that millennials view technology more positively than past generations. With golf on the fast track to becoming the fastest-growing sport among millennials, it should be no surprise that an increasing level of technology is being used on the course. 

We see this in the design of affordable rangefinders as well as your golfing clubs

In the last 15 years, golf clubs have changed more than any other type of golf equipment. The newer clubs prioritize things like aerodynamics, graphic shafts, and component weight. Driver heads today prefer a bigger head design than past generations. 

We also see an increased use of positioning systems to measure the distance from the tee to the next hole.

Finally, with the emergence of driverless technology, self-driving push carts for carrying bags and clubs will only grow more popular in the coming years. 

Trend #2: Improved Course Designs

Golf course design trends change yearly, and 2023 is no different. We see a refreshing return to a love for the classic golf course in 2023, which means less forgiveness. Many golfers complained about how the modern courses lack the same challenge as the older ones. 

The return to the classic approach never gives up on its own style, but we see a strategic approach. Today’s golf courses use more water, like streams and ponds. 

In 2023, themed golf courses have grown in popularity. You see more unique design elements that reflect the theme’s story. One course might choose a rainforest theme, whereas another might choose a shipwreck theme. This new choice has made it even more fun for younger players. 

Golf courses today use more natural elements like trees and water features. This improves the aesthetics, but the player feels more immersed. 

Trend #3: Nutrition-Focused Foods

Golf is following the same trend as the rest of society, focusing more on nutritious options. You can, for example, find more vegan foods as snacks for the course. 

Some golfing communities have hired top gourmet chefs to improve the quality of food offered at the club for a more nutritious experience. For breakfast, some courses offer fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt. 

Trend #4: Fashion Changes

Newer golfers love to wear microprints on the golf course. The development in clothing technology has made this a unique year. 

They have also made golf shirts to improve spine and neck alignment, which can improve your golf swing. Many older golfers have tired of the traditional cotton shirts you once saw on the golf courses. 

Trend #5: Increased Environmental Awareness

The golfing community at large looks to become stewards of the land with model practices for water conservation, water management, and biodiversity. The effects of climate change have pushed the coming generation to make golf courses take more environmentally friendly approaches to their businesses.

Trend #6: Updated Rules

Golf has always remained a traditional sport, and that has remained the case for centuries. Recent movements have come about to modernize the game to reach a broader audience. For example, teeing ground markers and using laser devices to measure yards has received a somewhat mixed response, and whether you love it or hate it, it’s a growing trend in the community. 

Trend #7: More Casual Events

Especially with the rise of live-streaming events, an increasing number of leagues wish to broadcast their events to a greater audience. Casual golf events may become increasingly popular, and many see the local golf club as a place to gather and mingle. 

Many also choose to play shorter 9-hole games now, and they might keep their practice more casual. 

Trend #8: More Socializing Options

In 2023, we may see increasing attention to making golf the complete package. For example, it will include other features like restaurants, bars, and more social space for people to relax when not out on the course. 


These are the golfing trends that you can expect to see in 2023. Another new development is how women have an increased desire to head to the golf course. This trend has been developing for over a decade now, with the percentage of women on courses hitting 25% in 2021, but we could see this grow even more in 2023.