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Why Gamers Have Sore Eyes, and What Can Help


When people have sore, red eyes, some people might assume that’s associated with things like cannabis usage. However, an entirely different class of people might have sore eyes without partaking in any kind of substance – gamers.

Playing video games, whether on the computer or consoles, requires staring at a screen for a pretty long period of time consistently.

If a person doesn’t take breaks, they are likely to begin suffering from some serious sore eyes.

So, what kinds of solutions for red eyes are there? And what about using CBD? Does CBD cause red eyes too, or is that a myth?

What Causes Sore Eyes?

Sore eyes, sometimes called dry eyes, can cause extreme discomfort and annoyance. 

While plenty of people try and take preventative cures for dry eyes, like immune supplements or even immunity CBD gummies, it seems that sometimes the problem is inescapable.

There are many reasons that a person can develop dry eyes, from regular aging to being out in the cold for too long.

However, the most obvious and frequent cause is from staring at computer screens for too long.

When a person stares at a screen for too long, their eyes remain in focus for much longer than they would normally be. This constant focus and the need to keep the eyelids open puts a strain on the eyes.

This strain is made worse by the fact that the eyes cannot self lubricate as they normally do with tears from the tear duct.

After a long time of looking at screens, the computer user will notice a severe dryness and irritation in their eyes, almost like hair is caught somewhere on the surface of the eye.

So, what kinds of things can a person do to solve dry eyes?

What Solutions Are There for Sore Eyes?

The trouble with things like dry eyes is that prevention is the best course of action. 

This means that a gamer needs to be taking frequent breaks from their computer screen, ideally at least 1 minute long every 15 minutes.

This doesn’t just apply to only gamers, though – all long-term, heavy computer users should follow the general rule of resting their eyes.

A 1-minute break every 15 minutes and a 15-minute break every hour is imperative to maintain good eye health, as well as fight off headaches.

There is also the possibility of using medicinal supplements, such as moisture droplets, that a person can put in their eye to help calm the eye irritation down.

The trouble with these is that they can be somewhat painful and irritating to have to do it so frequently.

It is far better to just regularly take breaks to help maintain good eye health and practice good computer etiquette.

But what if it isn’t gaming that is causing the sores? Could something else be affecting the eyes and making them dry?

What Else Could Be Causing Sore and Red Eyes?

There is a common assumption that any kind of eye dryness or redness is related to the use of cannabis products.

This is undoubtedly true with using regular, THC-rich cannabis – THC causes the eyes to experience heavy strain and lowers the body’s ability to regulate the blinking response, leading to dry eyes properly.

However, many people mistakenly think the same thing about CBD products.

So what about CBD products? Does CBD cause sore and red eyes?

Is CBD to Blame?

Cannabis has always been associated with dry and red eyes, mostly as a sign that a person has recently imbibed.

However, CBD is pretty different – it does not affect the same endocannabinoid receptors that THC, the active component within cannabis, does.

Instead, CBD affects the body more slowly and steadily, and it’s uncommon for a CBD user to experience these side effects.

So how can a person avoid dry and red eyes? How can we help reduce the irritation and itchiness of having really sore eyes?

The Best Way to Keep Eyes from Being Red and Dry

Just like with so many conditions arising from computer screens and overuse, the best way to avoid irritated eyes is to take care of them in the first place.

For starters, getting a good night’s sleep is imperative. Being well-rested can actually fight off the majority of dry and red eyes, no matter how much a person looks at a screen.

However, taking frequent breaks, looking away from the screen, or even going for a walk will help avoid any unpleasant itchiness.

Finally, and this one might seem unhelpful, make sure to remember to blink. Too often do people that work with computer screens seem to stare blankly at their screen, never blinking or pausing from their work.

Occasionally it’s useful to stop working, blink the eyelids and think about how long it has been since the last break – that will probably fix most of the irritation.