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8 simple tips for creating epic visuals for social media


Even though the “fact” that people process visuals 60 times faster than a text is not indeed scientifically proven, we still prefer pictures over letters. If the picture has the potential to explain something as efficiently as the text will do, then guess what…a picture will be chosen over.

This one does need any science, just remember what books were the most liked in childhood. Exactly, those that were picture-loaded. Those preferences remained quite fresh up till now. Therefore, planning on having your brand presence noticed, one must never ignore decent visual representation.

The audience first sees and then feels like learning more. Providing eye-pleasing graphics must become a solid part of every well-designed marketing campaign. Thus, let’s have a look at how to benefit the most from pictures, motions, and videos highlighting the message that your content sends.

Choose the right tools

Sure thing, you have a creative vision of how things should work best for your content visually, and it is high time to find the best tools to implement that vision. So many graphic design apps are developed to satisfy any decision, graphics-wise. The big thing about them is that they have so many free decent options to prevent your budget from exhaustion. You can utilize free concept map maker, free infographic maker, youtube thumbnail maker (for free, as well), logo maker, you name it. The features for editing are immense and assure getting the effect you are aiming at.

Be consistent

To be recognized and associated with certain concepts when the people’s eyes bump into them, you must worship consistency. Consistency in pretty much everything that appears on channels for content distribution you make use of. Coherence in how things look, what color palette is chosen to represent your brand identity and its total alignment with the content that you create, what fonts are picked, the style of delivering the message visually wise. Dig through high-profile brands’ blogs and social media pages. See how well they utilize their graphic potential, to an extent when you will never mistake one for another.

Quality still rocks

Big experts say that you should avoid libraries of ready-made visual content, like stock images, video footage, templates, etc. True, unique content is more preferred by both the audience and search engines. It makes sense to aspire to create those. However, the quality is still on top and coveted.

Therefore, it is OK to look through the options and choose those that will fit the best. You may always customize stock visuals the way they will be in consistent touch with the whole style of your brand presence. You will still do the work and not just copy-paste. So, do not be hard on yourself. Learn the magic of visual content creation gradually. While doing so, enrich it with what has been generously shared with you already.

Forget to be shy

To spark the interest in the eye of the beholder you must not be afraid of letting some quirky, or silly stuff emerge within your graphic content campaign. Oxymoron is a linguistic device that actually can be projected on how the animation is created or pictures posted. Things that make the eyebrow, or two, go up, are usually the stuff that gets retained in the memory and eventually associated with something similarly quirky that the audience might come across.

Employ various visual formats

We talked about consistency and up to this paragraph things have not yet changed. What can be modified in the approach is the format choices you make. Do not pass on the opportunity to increase conversions by more than 80% ( Eyeview digital) utilizing motion design, filming great videos( letting the audience see that the things are real with your brand), including infographics when trying to motivate the highest levels of comprehension, etc. Various formats will keep your audience entertained, well-informed, and thirsty for more.

Provoke emotions

Visuals that provoke a certain spectrum of emotions, be it a nostalgia mood, compassion, support, or affection. When the audience’s brain is triggered to go through a deep emotional boost ( preferably quite positively loaded), then you have won the attention and simply kudos on creating worthy visuals that transmit the gist well.

Minimum text

If you bet on the visuals to deliver the message and engage people into buying or ordering from you, then do not scatter the focus, loading with too many textual elements. If you chose to make the graphic elements in charge then have the text as an occasional helper.

Winning humor

When the chuckle is provoked then you are on the right path in terms of delivering the right visual content. Of course, it must align with the purpose, should be relevant, and fits the context of the publication.


Graphics sometimes speak louder than words, and its potential to get through the audience is whopping impressive. Thus do not skip the chance to include epic visuals into your marketing plan to boost ROIs, enhance traffic, and increase following naturally.

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