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9 Facts About Masturbation That You Should Know


9 Facts About Masturbation That You Should Know

When it comes to masturbation, there is so much bogus information available out there. This can put off many people in different ways. Questions such as “what happens if we release sperm daily?” can trigger not just curiosity but also anxiety. So, to be on the safe side, it is always better to go with the facts. By getting the correct information on the subject of masturbation, you will able to figure out what is better for your pleasure and what you should be avoiding.

There are many rumors and misconceptions about masturbation which people should stay from.

What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily?

Most people in the habit of ejaculating daily are found to have one question in their mind: what happens if we release sperm daily? Well, to put their mind at ease, there’s nothing wrong with ejaculating daily. The consequences are more favorable than otherwise.

Here are some of the benefits you can derive by ejaculating daily:

  • According to some studies, by ejaculating daily, a person can reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer.
  • The quality of sleep gets enhanced
  • Helps in coping with stress and anxiety

To get further knowledge on the subject, find out more about what happens if we release sperm daily. Just because it is beneficial for you to ejaculate daily does not mean that you should do it too frequently as a rule of thumb. Addiction to anything is harmful, and masturbation falls under this category as well.

Sperms Are Edible

If you have heard from anywhere that it is an unhealthy practice to swallow sperm, then you have heard it wrong. Sperms are digestible and can be consumed without any complications. Although, someone who is allergic to semen should be staying away from it.

There’s No Fixed Time To Ejaculate

There is no fixed time to release sperm. If you ejaculate within 2 minutes, that even is not a sign of some underlying condition. However, if ejaculation is happening too early, it might be a symptom of premature ejaculation. To clear your doubts on it, consult a doctor rather than seeking advice from friends or even from the internet.

There Is No Fixed Number To Ejaculate In A Day

There is still not any major study that indicates the exact number of times one should ejaculate. Our bodies have a varying biological constitution, and as such, the maximum number will differ from one person to another. But if one blind shot is to be made, one should not ejaculate more than five times a week. Doing it around 20 times a month has shown a significant reduction in the possibility of getting prostate cancer.

Ejaculation Produces Oxytocin And Dopamine

Oxytocin is a hormone that contributes to reducing our blood pressure and producing anti-stress constituents in the body. On the other hand, dopamine is a pleasure-generating hormone that creates a sense of satisfaction in a person’s mind. Ejaculation is directly linked to both of these hormones. This explains why one feels light and satisfied after he or she has ejaculated.

No Fixed Time For Sperm Refilling

After the question, “what happens if we release sperm daily?” The second most popular question is “how long does it take for sperm to be refilled?”. The answer to this again is not determined. It varies from person to person. However, people below the age of 50 are likely to get their sperm refilled faster after ejaculation than those who are in their fifties.

There Is No Proven Benefit Of Not Ejaculating

Those who want to follow the path of virtue believing they will gain extra from not ejaculating this is bad news. There are no studies whatsoever signifying any benefit of not ejaculating. But it is always better to restrain than to ejaculate out of habit or, worse, addiction.

Our Body Does Not Fall Short Of Sperms

Many people fear that frequent ejaculation can result in the shortage or even loss of sperm from the body. But this is not at all true. Our body is capable of producing almost 1500 cells in a single second. So the likelihood of you losing on your sperm is pure fiction.

Frequent Ejaculation Does Not Increase Sex Drive

It might be the case you feel that by ejaculating frequently, you will make your body used to a higher sex drive. On the contrary, it reduces fatigue in the body and lowers your sexual urge. This can create a significant impact on a sexual relationship with your partner. So it is better to fop when you get the desire than to do it as a rule.

Ejaculation is done not just for pleasure but is also a result of biological instinct. Prescribing any form of morality will only take the knowledge of it away from the facts. As long as you are doing it in moderation, it is absolutely fine. After all, why not seek pleasure when it comes at no cost?

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