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7 Things That Impact Women’s Health & What To Do About Them?


Women’s health and wellbeing have been an active topic for numerous debates all around the world. Many women lack information on specific aspects of healthcare that seem small but are still very important and contribute to their overall wellbeing. The awareness of critical diseases is there for everyone, but the small things that can produce immense harm are often ignored in the long run. However, in the past, various women online clinics have grown that help in efficiently addressing issues related to women’s health and hygiene. So let us discuss some unknown factors that negatively contribute to women’s health.

Unknown Factors That Impact Women’s Health

Heredity And Genetics

Most times, severe health concerns like obesity, high blood pressure, etc., are carried forward through generations, making it a common hereditary problem. However, there still exists a possibility to reduce and even eliminate the chances of catching the disease by taking extra care of your body. For instance, if you have a family history of obesity, you can opt to discuss and figure out possible methods of reducing your chances of facing the same concern with the help of a women’s clinic.

Improper Diet

This is another neglected factor that plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body for both men and women. However, the motherly instinct of a woman ensures calculated nutrition intake for everyone, but often, she forgets herself. This imbalanced diet, in turn, negatively impacts the body from within. Common signs of such an imbalance are skin irritation, regular exhaustion, a sudden increase in hair fall, dehydration, etc.

Lack Of Self-Care

We have started relating self-care to long hours at the spa or spending millions on retail therapy. However, self-care has more to it that requires minimal effort and has higher benefits than these facades. Activities like regularly getting health check-ups at a women’s clinic, washing your face twice a day, adopting a healthy lifestyle, ensuring enough hydration throughout the day, etc., can significantly reduce the chances of getting a UTI or skin disease.

Low Or No Physical Activity

An active lifestyle is the need of the hour, regardless of gender, to ensure participation in some physical activity. We usually believe that over-exercising of the brain compensates for the minimum or nobody exercising, but that is wrong. Both have their disadvantages, one major issue being sudden weight fluctuations. This is because an inactive body reduces the metabolism rate to the extent that it negatively affects the body’s immunity system, making it weaker day by day. This makes the body more prone to catching severe health diseases like cancer, heart diseases, etc.

Limited Awareness

Low or no physical activity also results in irregular menstrual cycles, a common pain point for women. According to a women’s clinic, the most common outcome of this is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The lack of awareness on PCOS has made women worldwide, especially in India, believe that the only side effects are weight gain and unlimited medicines. However, there are other possible solutions that a women’s clinic can help you with.

Limited Awareness

The doctors are well aware, so do not hesitate to ask questions about your health as it is your right to know.


This is the most crucial yet the least talked about factor that significantly affects a woman’s health today. Mental stress is known to be the root of a majority of health diseases ranging from heart attacks, kidney issues, brain damage, etc. Common signs of high-stress levels include constant anxiety, depression, improper sleeping patterns, etc. These common signs directly impact the outer body, especially the skin. Excess stress makes the skin dry and more prone to acne, unexpected hair fall, sudden loss of appetite, etc.

Overuse Of Tobacco Or Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol and tobacco is said to be harmful to everyone. However, the negative impacts of overconsumption of alcohol are higher in women as it causes instant dehydration in their bodies and creates alcohol dependence. This makes the body weaker and increases the risk of heart diseases, breast cancer, foetal alcohol syndrome, etc. It is not too late to understand and research the right help to help resolve this problem.

What Can We Do?

Not all solutions to different health issues concerning women require intense medication and hard work. At times, increased awareness and regular consumption of essential nutrients and vitamins contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, a women’s clinic also promotes the use of specific products that contain necessary ingredients to greatly target the factors mentioned above, reducing the chances of attracting major health diseases in the future.

Especially today, when we have been restricted inside our houses due to the pandemic, it has given women around the world an opportunity to assess themselves and their habits and invest some time and effort towards maintaining their health and wellbeing. Whether you are at home or busy with your day-to-day lives, try to take out time to visit a women’s clinic. You always have the option of choosing a women’s clinic online that offers individual consultation, multiple assessments, and customized solutions to your health problems with just one click. Women spend day and night looking after their work and family, but now, it is finally the time to book an appointment with a women’s clinic and take the first essential step towards a healthier body and mind.

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