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A look at Minecraft Legends’ cross-platform, player-versus-player mode


During tonight’s Xbox Developer Direct showcase, footage of Minecraft Legends’ player-versus-player (PVP) multiplayer option was shown off for the first time. This mode will be available at launch as a separate component of the game, independent from the game’s campaign. Up to eight players can compete against one another in Minecraft Legends’ cross-platform player against player mode, which is divided into two teams. The objective of each team is to seize and destroy the base of their opponent while simultaneously strengthening the defences surrounding their own base.

In the same way that they are in the main Legends storyline, PVP regions are formed by a generative process, a reference to the original Minecraft. Piglins, who are hostile to PVE players and work as a third faction with the goal of making both sides’ lives more difficult, are also present. It is convenient for groups of players that like to divide up their tasks to have their armies and resources on each side be split among the players on that side. Building up your foundation might be more to your liking, right? Or going on expeditions and accumulating resources?

The second phase of each match begins when players decide to begin attacking their opponent. This can result in a game of cat and mouse in which players attempt to fortify their base in order to fend off attacks or construct additional offensive capabilities (such as a redstone siege cannon) that force the opponent to scramble to defend against. During our conversation about the game’s player-versus-player (PVP) mode, executive producer Lee Pederson told me, “We’re targeting a 20-30 minute game experience, but because it is a procedurally generated world that will change based on the bespoke world that is created, the teams that are in it, and people’s strategy.”

A look at Minecraft Legends' cross-platform, player-versus-player mode

“We’re targeting a 20-30 minute game experience,” he added. “But that’s what we’re going for, and there is a progressive experience, so the piglins will ramp up later in the game, and there’s more intricacy the further you go to help define that timetable,” said the developer. According to Pederson, it is highly improbable that you will be able to steamroll your opponent, but players may find that they have a little advantage from time to time as a result of the random generation of the planet. This has been resolved through the process of development; for example, a base location that is more susceptible to danger may also provide better access to resources.