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Elden Ring lacks some ecosystems that would make great downloadable content


One of Elden Ring’s most successful elements is its open world architecture, which enables Tarnished to wander wherever and whenever they like. However, the map is still missing what may be the game’s best biomes. Players have had plenty of time to ride Torrent over the broad fields of Limgrave, the marshy Liurnia of the Lakes, and the Scarlet Rot-infested pastures of Caelid now that the game is getting close to its first birthday. Elden Ring might venture into a wide variety of diverse landscapes and settings, any one of which would represent a welcome departure from the norm and offer a welcome change of pace.

The Colosseum upgrade, which was available as free downloadable material for Elden Ring, added three new PvP arenas and some patch notes, although it did not add very much in the way of new content. This makes perfect sense, considering that a developer of the level of FromSoftware is not likely to ever provide a fully-fleshed expansion for free at any point in the future. However, there have been rumours that the Lands Between will not be included in the downloadable content for Elden Ring. Because of this, more improvements to the game’s existing setting should be made available at some time as well, such as the addition of new biomes.

Elden Ring’s Forest Biome Could Add Woodland Creatures

Given that Elden Ring draws so much inspiration from Irish culture, it should come as no surprise that a significant portion of its geography is made up of grassy plains and open spaces. However, it could be beneficial to take a different approach and add a genuine forest biome to the game. This would require departing from the current perspective. A vast and dense woodland area may not only look gorgeous in the game’s art style, but it could also bring some new adversaries that are more suited to the environment. The small scattering of trees that can be seen in the southeast corner of Limgrave is not enough. For instance, druids and faeries are both included in Irish mythology; hence, it would make sense for them to be included in the Elden Ring downloadable content (DLC).