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A significant Elden Ring DLC issue lies in the Interstitial Regions


There is a good probability that another piece of downloadable material will be released for Elden Ring; nevertheless, the Lands Between might present some challenges for the future new content. The community has been discussing the downloadable content that requires payment for quite some time now, and a great deal of speculation has been put out on the plot and setting of the upcoming expansion. Some people believe that there might be some sort of time travel involved, but if that’s the case, the downloadable content might still be situated in the Lands Between, which might result in some unexpected complications.

Free downloadable content expansions have been made available by FromSoftware alongside the version 1.08 patch, despite the fact that paid DLC has not been formally confirmed. Because data miners uncovered strange files in the game, the community was aware of the first downloadable content pack months before it was made available to the public. The Elden Ring: Colosseum update brings a breath of fresh air to the game by introducing new multiplayer game types, adjusting the balance of player vs player combat, and more. In addition, the update adds five additional haircut styles for players to choose from, giving them more ways to personalise their Tarnished hero.

Elden Ring DLC’s potential boredom-inducing return to the Lands Between

Since Elden Ring has been available for purchase for close to a year, many fans may have already exhausted their opportunities to travel through the Lands Between. If the downloadable content (DLC) is set in the same location as the base game, it might not be the best idea to do so because some players might get tired of seeing the same scenery. This is especially true considering that even if the expansion involves time travel, many of the most important landmarks might still be the same. Getting rid of the Lands Between in Elden Ring DLC and replacing it with a totally new map is one approach to getting around this problem.

The Elden Ring DLC Might Investigate A New Region

The Elden Ring downloadable content might include the addition of a new location that would provide players with the opportunity to relive the sensation of discovery they had when they entered the Lands Between for the very first time. Since the literature has described lands outside the known world, such as the origin site of the Numen race, it is not impossible to develop an expansion that is located in a region that is not currently shown on the map. Leaving the Lands Between might also prevent FromSoftware from being constrained by the established environment. This would allow the developer to expand their creativity by creating a one-of-a-kind setting that is distinct from the world that Marika has fashioned.