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Age Of Wonders 4 – How o Get Mounts


Age of Wonders 4 is the most recent entry in the popular turn-based strategy game series. You can select from many pre-existing factions or start from scratch to construct your own empire. Even though they only give their rider a movement boost, there are numerous versions of the original horses that do have special abilities. While obtaining certain mounts is incredibly simple, obtaining others can be more difficult. You can read this article to find out how to get mounts in Age of Wonders 4:

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How to Get Mounts

The mounts that your units use and your Rulers and heroes use may seem similar, but they differ greatly. Mounts are equipped by default for units such as Knights and Scouts, and once the game has begun, they cannot be removed. Still, you have the option to modify them while personalizing your faction.  Click the button to alter your people’s physical characteristics and scroll down when the game asks you to select their form.

All qualifying troops’ mounts will be permanently changed to the chosen type by choosing one of the last four possibilities. Your Ruler will likewise come with the same kind of mount if you want to change unit mounts generally.  They won’t be able to ride it unless you choose the appropriate beginning gear. Mounts are completely unusable for rulers who brandish two-handed weapons like great axes, bladed maces, or staves.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How o Get Mounts

Fortunately, you will still receive a mount in your inventory that you can use at a later time or gift to a hero. Should you select a physical attribute that does not always change mounts, your Ruler will gain a mount only if they do not have a two-handed weapon as part of their initial gear.

Mount Traits

You can choose a Mount perk under the Physical Form part of the Body Trait page if you want to start your own faction. There are four distinct mounts available.

  • Nightmare Mounts: +10 Hit Points, Gains Intimidating Aura ability.
  • Spider Mounts: +10 Hit Points, Gains Web ability.
  • Unicorn Mounts: +10 Hit Points, Gains Phase ability.
  • Wolf Mounts: +10 Hit Points, Gains Pack Hunter ability, Grants the Enfeebling Howl ability.

The mounts of your regular units become those chosen by those bonuses. It will provide a strong boost to your cavalry. Furthermore, because of them, some fighters who wouldn’t typically saddle horses receive these unusual “horses.” One of them is also where your ruler begins. Since there aren’t many cavalry troops in the game, many players question whether accepting this bonus is worthwhile.

However, some enthusiasts emphasize that certain mounts have intriguing and often extremely potent special skills. Wolves are great for frontline units to give them a damage boost, while Unicorns are great for flanking adversaries and Spiders for stopping them. Unfortunately, it appears that the option with the lowest morale ability—Nightmare—is the least helpful.

Get Mounts During A Campaign

During a campaign, you can obtain a vast range of mounts, including wargs, boars, spiders, wyverns, and more, for your Ruler and heroes. You’ll frequently have to rely on chance when attempting to obtain them. Mounts can be obtained through a variety of activities, such as quests and Ancient Wonders, but this approach isn’t perfectly scientific because the prizes you receive for finishing these activities depend in part on randomness.

In Age of Wonders 4, there are only three reliable methods to obtain new mounts, one of them is through trade with other factions. Once you and a group have built strong diplomatic ties, they will gladly exchange any unsold goods, including mounts, with you. Depending on their tier and your standing with that faction, purchasing them may be fairly costly, but if you end up with a high-tier mount with desirable attributes and skills, the cost will be well worth it.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How o Get Mounts

Additionally, you can obtain new rides by merely stealing them from your opponents. Heroes can be killed or taken, but rulers go to the abyss when they are vanquished. You can deal with hostile heroes as you see fit and obtain all of their equipment once they’re in your prison or crypt.

The third approach is very similar, except it uses the recruitment screen to find new heroes. By default, most heroes for hire come with a mount, though it’s usually nothing fancy—a simple horse or boar, for example. Only use this approach if you are in dire need of a mount for whatever reason. If not, there are much better ways to obtain sparkling new mounts, such as by trade with other factions and killing or capturing enemy heroes.


What is the spider mount in Age of Wonders 4?

The spider mount is an essential component of this build plan in Age of Wonders 4 because it has a potent AOE special strike that can immobilize opponents. In Age of Wonders 4, the player deploys hardworking units mounted on spiders to focus on DPS rather than survivability.

How do you get stronger units in Age of Wonders 4?

Many high-tier units are available to players, but they have to be earned via annexing ancient wonders or studying them through tomes.

What is the best army composition in Age of Wonders 4?

Usually, a good combination of ranged, cavalry, melee infantry, shield infantry, and support will work. By combining these units, the player may fight well in nearly every circumstance and steer clear of challenging fights where the opposition might use the player’s whole roster against them.

What are chosen uniters in Age of Wonders 4?

The defense of their dominion and teamwork are important to the Chosen Uniters. All of a player’s vessels yield +20 income, and both their shield and polearm units have +1 rank. Players that select this attribute will begin the game with an additional shield or polearm unit as a bonus.

How do you heal an army in Age of Wonders 4?

On the Realm map of Age of Wonders 4, Tome Spells are the most effective means of healing units in addition to natural healing. The Nature or Order Affinity Tomes include the majority of Realm map healing spells; the Tier 1 Tome of Faith’s Army Heal is among the strongest early choices.

How do you split armies in Age of Wonders 4?

When you have an army selected, left-click on the unit pictures at the bottom of the screen to un-merge or split the army stack. The troops you choose in this manner will turn on, and if you move them afterwards, they will separate from the other units in the army stack.