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How to Heal Units in Age Of Wonders 4


Healing units in Age of Wonders 4 might be a challenge due to the game’s complexity. Players’ units will be engaged in almost continual conflict during each Age of Wonders 4 game, whether they are unlocking Resource Nodes, defeating hostile Factions, or destroying Ancient Wonders. This highlights the significance of understanding how to adequately treat soldiers injured in battle and return them to full strength for the next engagement. Learn how to heal your troops in Age of Wonders 4 with the help of this guide!

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How to Heal Units in Combat in Age Of  Wonders 4

In Age of Wonders 4, unlike in most multiplayer turn-based strategy games, a unit that has been healed in combat loses its healing when it returns to the Realm map. This is because most healing skills used during combat only restore Temporary HP, which disappears after the battle ends.

Combat provides far more opportunities to obtain Temporary HP than the Realm map does to heal units. In Age of Wonders 4, Tome Spells are the most often used method of healing units during battle. Various Tomes from each Affinity contain Spells that can restore Temporary HP to all units or to specific types of units.

How to Heal Units in Age Of Wonders 4

Additionally, some Tome Spells, like Healing Roots from the Tier 1 Tome of Roots, apply a Regeneration effect, causing the unit to acquire additional Temporary HP over time. Finally, several Age of Wonders 4 Ruler Skills and Support units, like the Chaplain from the Tome of Faith or the Bannerman from the Feudal Culture, can supply Temporary HP by expending an action point.

How to Heal Units on the Realm Map

Age of Wonders 4’s Tome and Faction units regain some health at the conclusion of each game. On the other hand, a unit in a friendly Province will recover substantially more per turn than one in unclaimed or hostile territory, and the same is true for a unit located in a friendly City.

Passive healing can be increased by an additional +15 in a friendly Domain with the help of Empire Skills like Natural Recovery from the Nature Affinity tree. Aside from this method, Tome Spells are the best technique to heal units on the Realm map in Age of Wonders 4.

How to Heal Units in Age Of Wonders 4

Most healing Spells for Realm maps may be found in the Tome of Nature or the Tome of Order; one of the finest early alternatives is the Tome of Faith, Tier 1’s Army Heal. Restore Undead, a Tome Spell found in the Tier 2 Tome of Necromancy, restores 20 HP to all Undead units in an army, but it only affects those units.

Another Way to Heal Units

Within cities, units restore 25 HP per turn, whereas within your territory, they restore 5 HP per turn. Although these are the most consistent methods, many spells, perks, and abilities also have the ability to heal your units. Common methods of healing in Age of Wonders 4 include:

  • Benefits of Natural Recuperation – Your units will heal an extra 15 hit points per round within your area if you have the Nature Affinity perk.
  • Support Units – Some units have access to brief healing skills, but the health they restore is never retained between battles.
  • Wand of Healing – Players can use this item to heal their teammates.
  • Army Heal – All of your units can be healed at once with this Tome of Faith spell.
  • Hero abilities and equipment – Your team’s heroes can access new healing abilities as they level up.


How do you get rid of units in Age of Wonders 4?

How to Find the Unit Exit Button. On the right side of the screen, next to the unit’s data, is a tiny red button. A unit can be promptly disbanded from the game by clicking this button and then confirming the action.

How do you split the army in Age of Wonders 4?

Left-clicking on the unit portraits at the bottom of the screen when an army is selected will cause the stack to be unmerged. The highlighted troops are the ones you want to move; doing so will cause them to break away from the rest of the army stack.

How do you build an outpost in Age of Wonders 4?

You’ll need Gold and a Hero unit to construct an Outpost in Age of Wonders 4. Double-click the tile your Hero is standing on in the Province where you wish to construct the Outpost. By selecting this, you can decide whether or not to construct an Outpost at the present location.

What is the best army composition in Age of Wonders 4?

In most cases, success can be achieved with a combination of melee infantry, shield infantry, ranged infantry, cavalry, and support. The player can avoid tough battles where the opposition might counter their entire roster by combining these units to fight well in practically any situation.