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Alan Wake 2 – How to Find Blum’s Workshop Door Handle


As you advance through the game, Alan Wake 2 features a variety of locked doors that you must solve puzzles or use specific items to access. Blum’s Workshop, also known as his private room, is difficult to unlock as its door handle was taken. It was taken out as a joke on Blum by one of the Valhalla residents who frequented the Wellness Center, and they want him to find it. The location of Blum’s Workshop Door Handle in Alan Wake 2 will be explained in this article:

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How to Find Blum’s Workshop Door Handle

When looking for Tor in Alan Wake 2, you have to go to the Wellness Center Security Room, where Blum’s Workshop is located. Before worrying about the Workshop, you must first figure out how to access a computer and read up on Blum from the various hints hidden about the security office.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Find Blum’s Workshop Door Handle

After gathering all the hints and organizing them in your mind, you will find the right code for the Valhalla Security Computer, which is 170823.  After entering this code, you can read the emails on the computer and unlock the electronic locks around the Wellness Center. There are two emails pertaining to Blum’s Workshop.

The first involves him sending emails to all of Valhalla’s residents informing them of the missing doorknob, and the second involves a riddle that provides Blum with a suggestion as to where to find it. You can visit this place in the Alan Wake 2 Wellness Center, however to get there, you must go via the building’s main entrance and enter the reception area. It is located inside a cardboard box on the ground.

How to Unlock the Doors in the Wellness Centre

Once you enter the Valhalla Nursing Home, you must go via the tiny Wellness Center. The doorknob-less door may be encountered early on, but don’t worry about it until you get to the Security Room, as indicated on the above map. You must enter the password to access the computer at the security office, and you will notice that Vladimir Blum owns the space.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Find Blum’s Workshop Door Handle

You can look below if all you want is the code. However, if you wish to figure it out on your own, examine the calendar, Blum’s notebook resting on the counter, and the Cult letter resting on the table. All three of these will hint at the password, a specific date in European format if you put them on the Case Board.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Find Blum’s Workshop Door Handle

August 17, 2023, is represented by the code 170823. You can disable security doors by entering the code into the computer and unlocking the Wellness Center’s secured doors.


How do you get the doorknob in Alan Wake 2?

The door knob is located in a cardboard box on the floor. After entering through the first sliding door, you can turn right into the Staff Lounge and then right into the reception desk. All of the doors have now been unlocked.

What is the best weapon in Alan Wake 2?

Rifle for Hunting. It works extremely well with Saga’s shotguns because you can use either shotgun when the enemy gets close, or you can use Taken to start the fight from a distance. Its lack of a definite drawback makes it the obvious choice for the greatest weapon in Alan Wake 2.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

The primary foe in the Alan Wake series is The Dark Presence. Along with The Hiss, it is also one of the two main adversaries of the 2020 DLC crossover Control: AWE.

Is Mr scratch in Alan Wake 2?

At the close of Return’s Chapter 6, the Dark Presence—the main foe of Alan Wake 2—finally makes an appearance. With the advent of the Federal Bureau of Control, players will have to use the tools presently at the Sheriff’s Station to battle the Dark Presence, who takes the form of Mr. Scratch.