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Alan Wake 2: How to Find the Shotgun Code


Al Wake 2’s first big evil, Nightingale, a former investigator turned corpse turned Taken monster, is best defeated with the shotgun. First, the game forces you into the room where the shotgun is, but then you have to find the code to unlock its display case. You just need to check certain lottery numbers and use some simple logic to figure it out. Learn how to find the shotgun code in Alan Wake 2:

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How to Find the Shotgun Code

The first major area you’ll be allowed to visit is Cauldron Lake, where you’ll find the sawed-off shotgun in the spooky, abandoned general store. The shotgun is available in Chapter 1, but you won’t be able to grab it until your second trip to the lake. You won’t need it until Chapter 2, so there’s no point in getting it during the first visit.

Alan Wake 2: Find the Shotgun Code

Using the case files, advance the mission once you’ve returned to Cauldron Lake from the town until Saga has to find Nightingale’s heart. This will take you straight to the general store, where you can pick up the shotgun either before or after you find the heart on your second visit.

Turn left after entering the convenience shop from the main entrance (not the washers and dryers entrance). Walk steadily toward the rear wall, and prepare for a startle. In an attempt to kill you, a cult member will break down your door or window. Shine the light of your flashlight directly on him and turn it up to blind him. When he’s defenseless, go into the office where he was hiding and finish him out.

Alan Wake 2: Find the Shotgun Code

Take the heart from the left-hand refrigerator and go back the other way. The sawed-off shotgun is locked away in a display case on the opposite wall, along with a pouch to increase your inventory size (crucial in a game like Alan Wake 2). You’ll need to break the gun out of its safe before using it to defeat Nightingale.

Shotgun Code Puzzle Solution

We’ll explain how we cracked the display case code below, but if you want to skip all that and get straight to fighting Nightingale with a shotgun, the code is 739. Enter the code, grab the shotgun you just had to have a piece sawn off of it, and head to the witch’s sign. Before you go, just slip the shotgun into your quick slot.

Alan Wake 2: Find the Shotgun Code

For the detectives who are almost there but need a little push:

The shotgun’s lock is marked with a clue: “Check with Lady Fortuna at the counter.” There is some deception here, but let’s not jump the gun. Proceed on foot to the service desk in the lobby. A psychic hotline directory is at your disposal. Don’t pay attention to this silly attempt at humor. In this scenario, “Lady Fortuna” is not a funny name for a psychic; rather, it refers to the lottery ticket on the counter alongside the notebook.

The numbers 705, 713, 717, and 723 are all marked out on the notepad, and a reminder reads, “Don’t forget! Fix the program! The winning numbers on the lottery ticket are: 05, 13, 17, 23, 39, and 45.

The current code can be deduced by adding one of the lotto number combinations to 7. The shopkeepers have already used the first four sets of numbers as codes, as seen by the notepad. Since the next pair in the lotto sequence is 39, we used our SAT “find the pattern” deduction abilities to determine that the current code is 739.


How many chapters is Alan Wake 2?

There are a total of 19 chapters in Alan Wake 2, split between Alan and the new protagonist, Saga. It could take a while to get through all of these levels, as the game is longer than its predecessor by a factor of two.

How do you get the rifle in Alan Wake 2?

A cardboard box at the base of the front desk conceals the door’s handle. Find the handle, then go back to Blum’s room and use it to unlock the door. A hunting rifle and other supplies helpful to your quest can be found in a cabinet at the room’s entrance.

Where is the streamside stash Alan Wake 2?

Cauldron Lake’s Streamside Stash Box can be found in the southwest corner, not far from the Crow’s Foot Hills, as was mentioned earlier.

Is Alan Wake 2 Next Gen only?

On October 27, 2023, Alan Wake 2 was released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This release was exclusive to next-gen consoles and computers.