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Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station Computer


In Alan Wake 2, Saga’s first journey to the Witchfinder Station is an optional part of the game’s second chapter. There’s a lot of meaty FBC lore in there, but you must use the Witchfinder Station computer to access part of it. To unlock the secrets of the nursery rhymes hidden throughout Alan Wake 2, you must enter a computer password at the Witchfinder’s Station in Cauldron Lake. If you’re looking for the Witchfinder’s Station PC in Alan Wake 2, this guide will show you the way.

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Witchfinder Station Computer Password

The right computer code to enter at the Witchfinder Station in Alan Wake 2 for us, while playing on the usual difficulty setting, was 2547.

Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station Computer

On the other hand, this code may be randomized or altered in some other way depending on the difficulty setting that you choose.

Where to find the Witchfinder’s Station

The Witchfinder’s Station is well labeled on the map of Cauldron Lake, making it a breeze to locate. The graphic above clearly shows where the station is located: upper left. The game’s initial location is Cauldron Lake, and getting to the Witchfinder’s Station will require some time.

Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station Computer

Rather, as Saga, you must wait until you have returned to Cauldron Lake following your trip to Bright Falls. You should also have finished a few of the story’s tasks. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have more freedom to explore the area around Cauldron Lake, including a visit to the Witchfinder’s Station.

What information is on the computer in the Witchfinder’s Station?

Once you’ve broken into the system, you’ll see that the nursery rhymes are an FBC creation. If you’ve played the Control prequel game, you already know that the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) is a real government agency in the Alan Wake universe.

Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station Computer

This government organization is devoted to researching anomalous occurrences that defy explanation by conventional means. You can learn more about the FBC’s motivations for writing the nursery rhymes if you read the scattered documents throughout the Witchfinder’s Station, which mirror Alan Wake’s manuscript pages.

Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station Computer

When you return to Saga’s office, you may enter the details you gleaned from the computer and the station paperwork to the Nursery Rhymes case file on the Case Board.

How to Get the Witchfinder Station Password

In Alan Wake 2, the password for Witchfinder Station can be found on a post-it note affixed to the desk beneath the computer.

Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station Computer

Using this password will grant you access to a computer with two emails that discuss the rationale behind the FBC’s placement of nursery rhyme riddles. If you want the key to Saga’s ‘Nursery Rhymes’ case file, you’ll need to read both emails.

Upstairs, you’ll find two more nursery rhyme-related notes for your case file. All the answers to the nursery rhyme riddles in Cauldron Lake are listed on a letter that can be found on the bed next to the playpen.

Alan Wake 2: Where to Find the Witchfinder’s Station Computer

If you come across any of these nursery rhyme riddles, we highly recommend solving them, as doing so will net you Charms, which may be equipped by Saga to grant her temporary bonuses, such as health restoration or even permanent invulnerability.


Can I play Alan Wake 2 without playing 1?

Although it is not required, a familiarity with the events of Alan Wake 1 and its extension, American Nightmare, can aid immensely when playing Alan Wake 2.

How many chapters is Alan Wake 2?

There are a total of 19 sections. Alan’s otherworldly experiences are the subject of some of these, while others include his fictional characters like FBI agent Saga Anderson. The chapters need our attention, so let’s get to them.

How long is Alan Wake 2?

It will take you about 25-30 hours to complete Alan Wake 2 from start to finish. Whether you choose to play as Saga or Alan, you’ll find a variety of collection sorts.

Is Alan Wake 2 a sequel?

The sequel to the eerie adventure game Alan Wake, which became a surprise hit in 2010, will soon be released by the company. Thirteen years have passed since the game’s initial release, and the protagonist is now returned in a survival horror game with a darker tale in the vein of Resident Evil 4.