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Starfield: All Powers List


You can employ the whole range of Starfield powers effectively in battle and on exploration missions, but you’ll need to know how to get them and where they fall on the tiered tier list. No matter how you feel about them, the ‘Powers’ in Starfield are a great addition to the game and worth exploring. Learn about the whole roster of Starfield powers in this post!

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All Powers List in Starfield

Starfield features 24 unique Powers. Everything they do and how they function is dictated by the Power. Supernova and Solar Flare are two examples of powers specifically created to aid in the fight. Social abilities like Precognition let players choose their words carefully in conversation. Because each player’s play style is unique, ranking the top Powers in Starfield can be tricky. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that players try out each Power independently.

Power Official Description Best Use Power Cost Associated Temple
Alien Reanimation Life, a gift of the cosmos, granted once more to a fallen alien beast so that it may serve, thankfully. Revive a fallen alien creature. This is only helpful when reviving a higher-level beast. Most are not worth the trouble. 35 PHI
Anti-Gravity Field Generate a localized field of intense low gravity, and behold a planet’s true power. This power can be fun when taking on large groups of enemies. All enemies will begin to float, making them easy targets. 45 ETA
Creators’ Peace Fill your foes with the silent calm of the universe, compelling them to abandon their weapons temporarily. When it works, it will disarm several enemies. It can be hard to judge this Power’s range. The closer, the better. 25 NU
Create Vacuum Oxygen, the fuel of humanity, is withdrawn from a localized area at your command. In theory, having the ability to replenish O2 is great, but the small amount gained is hardly worth the effort. 25 GAMMA
Earthbound Earth, the cradle of humanity, shares its gravity in the area of your choosing. Quickly change an area’s gravity to that of Earth. On planets with extremely harsh gravity, like Porrima III, this can be helpful. 15 EPSILON
Elemental Pull Elements, the true treasure of the planet and moon, are drawn to your being. Incredibly helpful when resource farming. Pulls in all inorganic resources from a large area around the player. 25 PSI
Eternal Harvest What has blossomed will blossom once more, ripe for the picking. Use to repeatedly respawn plant resources – no limit on how many times. Great way to farm specific items. 25 LAMBDA
Grav Dash Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict. Sounds better on paper, but the damage increase is not much, and the dash length is too short. 15 ZETA
Gravity Wave Emit a gravitational force strong enough to propel almost anything…or anyone. More fun than truly useful, this will propel explosive canisters towards enemies or enemies themselves off cliffs. 25 BETA
Gravity Well Generate a focal point of crushing gravity that draws in anyone caught in its field. Pulls enemies into a central area. Groups enemies together, making good targets for explosives or heavy weapons. 45 DELTA
Inner Demon Tap into the endless multiverse and summon a friendly duplicate of an unfriendly foe. A powerful tool when used on high-level enemies with good weapons. 35 UPSILON
Life Forced Transfer the very lifeforce of an enemy, harming them while healing yourself. Sounds great, but damage is tiny and health recovery miniscule. 25 PI
Moon Form Channel the energy of Luna, Earth’s beautiful moon, to be as unmoving and resilient as stone. Increases all defensive power, but at the cost of any movement. 35 RHO
Parallel Self From across the vast multiverse, a friendly version of yourself arrives, armed and ready to lend aid. Can be immensely powerful if done when armed with good weapons, armor, etc. 45 SIGMA
Particle Beam Emit a powerful ray of cosmic energy, dealing terrifying damage to a single target. One the best combat Powers, only for one on one fights. 15 OMEGA
Personal Atmosphere Oxygen, pure and clean, brought forth to breath deep and counteract harmful carbon dioxide. Almost instantly restore all oxygen. High cost means it can’t be used over and over quickly without Quantum Essence. 45 ALPHA
Phased Time Time itself is yours to manipulate, as you slow the world…and all those in it. Incredibly powerful power, slows everything around player. Move through and kill all enemies. 45 FINAL TEMPLE – Complete ‘REVELATION’ Mission
Precognition Bend time and glimpse the future, seeing the path someone will walk and the words they will say. See enemy path while sneaking, see response before asking questions. Does not work on Persuasion. 35 IOTA
Reactive Shield Form a shield of pure cosmic light that can weaken and even reflect enemy projectiles. Great defensive Power. Use when facing high-level enemies. Deflections can kill lower-level enemies. 35 TAU
Sense Star Stuff Bind yourself to the particles of creation, sensing the life force of any human, enemy, or Starborn. Shows the location of all lifeforms within a certain range. 15 CHI
Solar Flare Tap into the sun’s power and release a directed orb of searing hot plasma. It is too weak to use in place of other weapons. Better off with Particle Beam or Supernova. 25 THETA
Sunless Space Introduce your enemies to the cold of space, freezing them in their tracks. Great tool for putting an enemy of pause for a moment, leaving them vulnerable. Not useful in large crowds. 35 KAPPA
Supernova Cosmic energy explodes around you, with the terrible force of a dying star. Incredibly powerful power that can cause devastating damage to enemies in a large area. 45 XI
Void Form Channel the very darkness of space, rendering yourself nearly invisible to those around you. Very useful when sneaking, such as in Crimson Fleet missions that require stealth. 45 OMICRON

How to Get Powers in Starfield

In Starfield, you can only get abilities by visiting certain temples, but there are prerequisites you must meet beforehand. To begin, you must complete the Constellation main quest Into the Unknown. Not too far into the main quest line, you’ll be given your first taste of Starfield powers as you seek out Temple Eta.

Starfield: All Powers List

After completing Into the Unknown and gaining access to the Anti-Gravity Field power, you can explore the other temples in the Settled Systems in search of further abilities; these temples will grant you a different type of ability in exchange for your devotion. You may now locate any temple, and the next Constellation quest, Power From Beyond, will lead you to a brand-new power source.

How to Upgrade Powers in Starfield

Only the New Game Plus feature allows for the progression of Powers in Starfield. When a player completes a game cycle, they have the option to enter a new universe via the Unity, taking only their accumulated abilities, XP, and Powers with them. In this new cycle, the player will ‘upgrade’ a Power by adding a number next to its name if they visit a temple of a Power they already own. When upgraded for the first time, Supernova will be followed by Supernova II, Supernova III, and so on.

The only clear advantage of upgrading Powers is reduced operating expenses. However, not all Powers adhere to the same standard. Some abilities, such as Anti-Gravity Field, become cheaper with each subsequent upgrade. However, the cost of using a power like Phased Time does not begin to decrease until the seventh application. The tenth cycle is always the final cycle that influences price, and this is the only rule that holds across all Powers. The final digit of any power after its maximum upgrade is the Roman numeral X.


How many powers are there in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can get access to a total of 24 abilities. You can use the environment to your advantage in battle, on exploratory missions, and more thanks to the various powers at your disposal.

Does Starfield have magic powers?

Powers in the starfield are an enigmatic blend of telekinetic and gravitational abilities. Simply completing the main objective and going to the temple Vladimir Sall indicates on your map will get you access to that power in Starfield.

Who can you romance in Starfield?

Andreja, Sarah Morgan, Barrett, and Sam Coe are all friends of Sarah’s. Your activities with these allies will determine whether or not you have access to additional dialogue subplots that can increase their affection towards you.

What is the best power in Starfield?

Starfield’s finest Starborn Power for dealing with a horde of enemies is probably Supernova, which generates a tremendous explosion around the player and severely damages everything in its path.