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Alan Wake 2 – How to Beat Scratch


The primary antagonist of Alan Wake 2—the Dark Presence—finally appears at the end of Chapter 6 of Return. Players will have to fight the Dark Presence, who appears as Mr. Scratch, using the tools currently in the Sheriff’s Station after the Federal Bureau of Control is established. Your ability to multitask quickly will be put to the test during this brief encounter as you try to stop Scratch from obtaining an artifact known as the Clicker. This article may teach you how to beat scratch in Alan Wake 2:

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How to Fight with Scratch

Run out the back door and into the parking lot behind the Sheriff’s Station as soon as the battle starts. In order to power up the lighting in this location, players must activate three generators; once all three lights are on, the Dark Presence will be banished. To activate the generators, players only need to hold down the interact button while facing them.

However, in order to power up the generators, players must first figure out how to slow down Mr. Scratch. He will move slowly, but he can teleport a short distance to get closer to Saga. If he is not stunned earlier, he will always jump to players and stop the progress of turning on a generator.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Beat Scratch

Any weapon in Saga’s armoury can deliver a lot of damage to momentarily stun Mr Scratch, while the flashlight charge strike doesn’t seem to be too useful in this particular battle. The best weapons for doing damage to Scratch are the crossbow and the pump-action shotgun, which players can locate by searching the Sheriff’s Station before to this encounter.

One crossbow headshot can disable Mr. Scratch. However, as he teleports away at the end of the battle, players cannot get back these bolts. Mr. Scratch may be easily defeated if players have three crossbow bolts available by shooting him in the head, sprinting directly to a generator, turning it on, and then reloading the crossbow. After two more repetitions of this procedure, a scratch will be vanquished quickly.

How to Beat Scratch

In Alan Wake 2, defeating Scratch requires shining two big lights on a cell near the lake in Bright Falls, after which the creature must be lured inside the facility. Even though it might appear easy at first, Scratch follows Saga obstinately as you attempt to adjust the lights gently. Each moves slowly. Thus while the creature is in control of Alan, you are vulnerable to Scratch’s attacks.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Beat Scratch

Fortunately, Saga has Alex Casey, her colleague, as a backup. If you shoot Scratch enough times, Alex will stun him using a large floodlight. By opening the crates next to either light, you can get more ammunition to utilize in this. When the Dark Presence in Wake is momentarily staggered, use that as a chance to gradually shift the lights in the direction of the cell in Alan Wake 2.

After you’ve placed both lights correctly, stroll into the open cell to entice Scratch to enter. This should cause a sequence that opens the game’s last few scenes. Even though you might not be able to defeat Scratch at this point in Alan Wake 2, as the game comes to a close, you do discover more about how the entity attempts to thwart its plans.


Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

The primary foe in the Alan Wake series is The Dark Presence. Along with The Hiss, it is also one of the two main adversaries of the 2020 DLC crossover Control: AWE.

Why isn t Barry in Alan Wake 2?

Barry eventually “moved out west,” thus it’s likely that he’s in that region when Alan Wake 2 takes place. Although Barry is absent from Alan Wake 2, it is quite likely that he will reappear in a later game or DLC.

Is Alice Wake alive in Alan Wake 2?

Alice did not kill herself, as the single post-credit scene (technically mid-credit, but still) makes clear. Alice tells Alan in a video that she claims is “just for you” that she accepts her death as a necessary component of an as-yet-undisclosed scheme to save him from the Dark Place.

What is the alternate ending leak in Alan Wake 2?

In the alternate ending, it is revealed that Saga’s call is returned, Alan awakens from his gunshot wound, and discovers that Alice is still alive in a vision. Apart from New Game+, the disclosures also disclose that Dr.

Is Alan Wake 2 connected to quantum break?

Alan Wake 2 has ties to other games in the Remedy Entertainment world, including a more imaginative tie-in to Quantum Break and overt references to Control. Although there were legal issues with Quantum Break’s inclusion in Alan Wake 2, Remedy managed to discreetly include some of the game’s features.