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Lies Of P – Fuoco Boss Guide


In the Flame of King, The hardest boss players will encounter during their initial Lies of P gameplay will be Fuoco. In contrast to the previous bosses, this one confuses and confounds players with various strikes before directing them to the closest Stargazer. Fuoco is the only boss in Lies of P that makes you utilize your surroundings to the fullest extent possible. Each of the columns lining the stage will serve as a lifeline. But as the battle goes on, you’ll have fewer and fewer of them to keep you safe. This article will teach you about the Fuoco Boss Guide in Lies of P.

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Kings Flame Fuoco Strategy

Thus, maintaining mobility and trying to save the columns will be crucial to defeating Fuoco. You will be able to avoid most of Fuoco’s assaults and outrun him with ease. Even the majority of his furious attacks are simply avoided and sidestepped. If you have a column close by, you can easily counter all of his hardest assaults. But be careful—Fuoco may damage these easily, so you’ll want to walk him away from them intentionally.

Lies Of P - Fuoco Boss Guide

To maintain the integrity of the columns, you should…

  • Strike him in the middle of the arena.
  • The attack leads him away from the columns as he prepares to charge.
  • When he fires his cannon or sets the floor on flames, only ducks behind the columns.

Lies Of P - Fuoco Boss Guide

In addition to horizontal slamming assaults, Fuoco also possesses a spinning attack. These moves are all rather easy to time, so even though you can strafe past them, a Perfect Guard would be ideal. That does not negate the danger that Fuoco poses, though. Even though these attacks are foreseeable, they still have a very powerful impact. Thus, disaster might strike with just one mistake.

You must get away when Fuoco leans over and spills their molten core on the ground. Take off as fast as you can! You should be quite certain that Fuoco is about to be stunned, but you will have time to land some large strikes. If you are close to stubbing him, you should be able to land two fully charged heavy attacks (though that will depend on your weapon).

Lies Of P - Fuoco Boss Guide

If not, make one charged assault and then flee the scene.  You will also be shielded from the approaching flames by the columns. Join Fuoco as one of those pillars as they begin firing their cannon. This will shield you from their blows and give you the perfect opportunity to refuel and sharpen your weapon.

Lies Of P - Fuoco Boss Guide

This struggle is going to leave Fuoco exposed. This is particularly apparent following the tin titan’s whirling attack sequence or when they crash their hammer-fist into the earth. Just be careful not to overdo it; you can land a fast attack combination or a charged heavy, but don’t try to do much more. If you keep applying pressure, Fuoco will finally succumb.

King’s Flame Fuoco Boss Guide

Players are going to desire a +3 weapon first. When you have enough Hidden Moonstones from the factory, go to Hotel Krat and see Eugenie. Any weapon will work in this situation as long as players feel at ease wielding it.

The Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter is next to the Stargazer outside the boss chamber, so be sure to grab it. It’s carried by the robot with the shovel in the centre of the big chamber. To retrieve the object, destroy the robot. The Radiation Converter increases the player’s heat tolerance, which is useful when dealing with Fuoco’s flame-based assaults.

Lies Of P - Fuoco Boss Guide

Regarding the boss itself, it may be easily parried with its hammer arm’s few basic techniques. The worst part about this move is that Fuoco frequently reverses the direction from whence it swings, and occasionally it faints its arm swing into a fast kick that may take a lot of people off guard. Blocking is not dangerous because you can still regain your health by landing hits.

When Fuoco reaches about half HP, it will pause and spew flames over a large area. When it does this, hide behind one of the pipes and flee as far away from the boss as possible to stop Overheat from building up. Next, continue the battle as usual, but watch out for a few fresh attacks.

Fuoco will begin using its left arm, which can blast flames, and periodically resume its AoE fire strike. Additionally, the boss will use its unblockable strike more frequently, forcing players to outrun it or properly parry the hit to avoid taking damage.

Lies Of P - Fuoco Boss Guide

You should not hesitate to call upon a Spectre to assist you in the battle if things become too difficult. The NPC will divert the boss’s attention, allowing players to hit a little more carelessly. It is unlikely that the Spectre will survive long in the second phase, though, as Fuoco’s AoE assaults would probably take a toll on it.

Further advice for dealing with this supervisor is as follows:

  • It is possible to stop Fuoco’s ranged assaults.
  • When the boss misses an assault, it opens itself up to charged heavy attacks for extended periods.
  • To stop it from spamming ranged strikes, stay close.
  • Because of its ability to close the distance, the Booster Glaive’s Handle is a useful tool for punishing Fuoco’s whiffs.
  • Electric Blitz Canisters and Throwing Cells are absurdly effective against Fuoco.


What is the weakness of the final boss in Lies of P?

This is due to Simon Manus’s weakness against Acid, which is Lies of P’s boss’s only true weakness.

Who is the true final boss in the Lies of P?

Gepetto calls forth the real last boss of Lies of P, a faceless marionette wielding a massive sword known as the Nameless Puppet. With a heavy emphasis on parrying, it’s not any more difficult than Simon Manus. That increases twofold in its second phase, when it becomes considerably faster and punishes Pinocchio for attempting any strong assaults.

Can you fight bosses again in Lies of P?

Although you can encounter the two Barons of Hell anywhere in a level after the first episode, they are bosses at that point. Thus, the answer to the question of whether opponents respawn in Lies of P is yes—unless they’re ordinary bosses or mini-bosses who dropped a special reward, in which case they won’t

Who is the second boss in the lie of P?

The second big puppet boss in Lies of P is called The Scrapped Watchman, and it may be quite difficult for new players who are still getting acquainted to the game. It’s not overly challenging, but its wild swings and explosive manoeuvres might confuse novices.

Is Geppetto the final boss in Lies of P?

The real last boss of Lies of P and the optional fight of the Arche Abbey area is Nameless Puppet. Gepetto created Nameless Puppet, which he uses to try and take Pinocchio’s P-Organ.